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  1. Cow Boy commented on Baldo 3 days ago

    That’s a dumb ass! As in the blonde wanting 710, which is OIL upside down!

  2. Cow Boy commented on Garfield 9 days ago

    Don’t be talking SMACK around Dat cat! Sorry, I had to.

  3. Cow Boy commented on Rose is Rose 30 days ago

    How come she just can’t talk to him about how she feels!

  4. Cow Boy commented on Andy Capp 2 months ago

    Skin is the most elastical substance know to man. It states Moses tied his ass to a palm tree and walked 40 miles into the desert!

  5. Cow Boy commented on Luann 2 months ago

    Barbarella – starring flag burning – nosupporting vet – radical Jane Fonda. How soon we forget. Do you remember the end? What she stapps on? As bad as socialist Bernie Sanders. I wonder how many young people know what a socialist is?

  6. Cow Boy commented on Break of Day 2 months ago

    Maybe, but 6 was afraid of 7, because 7 ate 9.

  7. Cow Boy commented on Bound and Gagged 3 months ago

    I think the one on the left sneezed and ejected on the right one who said bless you. You guys that used the song, great job.

  8. Cow Boy commented on Break of Day 3 months ago

    Good! They need to take control of online tampering, and get some penalties going for fraudulent activities.

  9. Cow Boy commented on U.S. Acres 3 months ago


  10. Cow Boy commented on Break of Day 3 months ago

    I thought babbling brook.