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  1. comixdoom commented on Peanuts almost 4 years ago

    Snoopy has a good life philosophy there; it’s not like you can stop stuff from happening by dreading it.

  2. comixdoom commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 4 years ago

    No, those naughty thought make you bad too. We are all bad.

  3. comixdoom commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 4 years ago

    A little holiday honesty is quite refreshing. Getting gifts from Santa used to be a reward to children for good behavior, but lately Santa has become a wishy-washy pushover, and getting presents from Him is a given to children despite their behavior. We have so lost our ability to enforce consequences. And apparently if the commercials are to be believed the only thing that will happen if you misbehave is that you’ll get a red Mercedes instead of a white one. So to all you kids and kids-at-heart out there, let’s spread the message of Santa to everyone: live how ever you want. Lie, cheat, steel, harass, and commit all the violence you want, and around the time we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of Christ, a magical fat man will reward you for it. Isn’t Christmas just wonderful?

  4. comixdoom commented on Dilbert Classics almost 4 years ago

    I think Dilbert is really a radish put on earth by Android-like aliens.

  5. comixdoom commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    Ok, whatever color Luann’s har is supposed to be, the color they use is not “orangey red.” It’s orange/yellow, or am I color blind?

  6. comixdoom commented on U.S. Acres about 4 years ago

    YES! I’ve been waiting to see Wade Duck since the strip’s inception. You just dodged a nasty letter, Mr Davis!

  7. comixdoom commented on U.S. Acres over 4 years ago

    When will we get to see the great Wade Duck?

  8. comixdoom commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    Amen! But we men are partially to blame because we allow this sexism to occur and don’t stand up for what is right in this situation.