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  1. ambr95012 commented on Arlo and Janis 5 months ago

    fist is actually very bad for cats and can cause kidney failure in older males, not as bad for the females, no seafood for my cats period!

  2. ambr95012 commented on Fred Basset 5 months ago

    so don’t mind if I fall apart…

  3. ambr95012 commented on Barney & Clyde 6 months ago


  4. ambr95012 commented on Soup to Nutz 7 months ago

    Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Isle on Man and England technically only exist in the history books. Even then it’s Great Britain and Northern Ireland. United Kingdom would be all.

  5. ambr95012 commented on Shoe 8 months ago

    I enlarged it and it says Howard Broadway

  6. ambr95012 commented on Grand Avenue 9 months ago

    The day that will last in infamy….

  7. ambr95012 commented on Drabble 9 months ago

    alistair sim, alastair sim, alastair sim!!!! I cry everytime and it’s the only thing that makes it truly Christmas for me

  8. ambr95012 commented on Haiku Ewe 11 months ago

    poor snake….

  9. ambr95012 commented on Daddy's Home over 2 years ago

    I get the joke and people have to branch out and except different; sheesh and they call themselves tolerant!

  10. ambr95012 commented on FoxTrot Classics almost 3 years ago

    and everyone here knows that Gandalf was Gandalf the Grey and passed a test to become the White and earn his White robes. Everyone also notices even in the books it talks about Saruman’s robes became grey because he had down graded himself.