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  1. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Frazz about 1 hour ago

    It’s heartening to hear someone else describe language and music as important Math teaching skills. I speak several languages as well as play the piano, but professionally, I teach Math! I try to be modest about it, but these skills have allowed me to both comprehend AND explain concepts with an ease that leaves more “experienced” colleagues scratching their heads. I met a fellow teacher last year whose classes have excelled for decades, and guess what? He’s also into music and language! Like myself, he’s not content with just teaching what the books say. The more important lesson is to look deeper and understand WHY everything works together. This is not to say teachers such as myself can work miracles with anybody. Our culture’s endemic math-phobia, plus the rigid, algorithm-obsessed teaching methods that are still all too common, create mental barriers so thick that even in a whole school year we may not get past them. But I’ve still managed to make cracks in even the thickest shells. You can “learn” almost anything by memorizing a series of steps. But, to borrow Heinlein’s term, you can only grok it by seeing from every possible angle.

  2. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Birdbrains about 5 hours ago

    I agree. And no need for the stereotypical “movie-injun” speech. The main joke is quite funny, but the rest is distracting at best.

  3. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Adam@Home about 5 hours ago

    Good thing Adam hasn’t read the newest research on microbiome transfers. Specifically how fecal transplants from thin mice to fat ones caused the recipients to lose weight. The way he carries out unusual schemes, we could get a week’s worth of very awkward strips!

  4. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Off the Mark 3 days ago

    According to research, many people who wear yoga pants do too.

  5. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Rose is Rose 12 days ago

    Makes me wonder how in the world Pasquale is an only child. Then again, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had the same amount of foresight and/or restraint to assure that every new arrival is fully wanted and anticipated.

  6. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Baldo 14 days ago

    Baldo would have a much stronger case if he weren’t arguing with the family’s primary provider. What Sergio happens to be doing now does not represent his entire day.

  7. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Reality Check 16 days ago

    I see they made no provision for the HB 3+ minority.

  8. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Wizard of Id 16 days ago

    Wiz, this is why you’re stuck working for His Finkness. It’s due to your inability to process good Alchemical formulas, replicate runic patterns precisely, and employ good Arithmancy in your spellcraft.

    But seriously, as a math teacher, I freely acknowledge the guilt of many of my colleagues for fostering so much math-phobia. My former students consistently come back to me for help because I focus on how to make Math relevant. I challenge their critical thinking skills so that they can dissect formulas rather than simply memorizing them, and make every attempt to show them how each lesson is relevant to a deeper understanding of the world around them, whether or not they EVER use any of it in their careers. Work is just one part of life, and the more you know, the more you can cultivate curiosity and a sense of wonder, the better you can come to love ALL of it.

  9. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Drabble 16 days ago

    I got old enough for late night TV near the end of the Carson era and faithfully watched Leno, but from archival footage have come to appreciate the legacy of every host since the beginning, as each evolved the role of ambassador to the world of the famous. Fallon has made great use of his talents to go toe to toe with the stars he interviews, and I can hardly wait to see what Colbert has in the works.

  10. Seeker149 GoComics Pro Member commented on Baldo 17 days ago

    Hehe, give him a taste of your own anxiety!