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  1. LinksmasGrybas commented on Close to Home 2 months ago

    My first proposal of marriage was: “How would you like to be buried n the family plot?” She turned me down :-(

  2. LinksmasGrybas commented on Wizard of Id over 2 years ago

    Ratlum – just a note from a grammar policeperson – the word you want is LOSE, NOT LOOSE, Lose means that something is lost and can not be found, or, you had a friend and lost him/her. Loose means not tight – get it?

  3. LinksmasGrybas commented on Drew Sheneman almost 3 years ago

    Looks as if that will happen if they do allow it. I would hope they do not.

  4. LinksmasGrybas commented on Lisa Benson about 3 years ago

    Enoki – No law is perfect when it is rolled out. There are things that need to be tweeked so that it will benefit everyone, A delay does not mean it is wrong or bad, as yo imply, it means there is something that can and should be fixed and it needs some time to do it.

  5. LinksmasGrybas commented on Lisa Benson about 3 years ago

    Wish I could reply to the comments where they are, but – conserbvativegov (that says a lot) does not really understand what is going on. Rates typically are NOT going to triple as you suggest the letter said. If they keep their current insurance, maybe, because that is what insurance companies do – rip you off. If they get coverage on the exchange it will be a different story. Do some research and do not believe the crap you get with big red letters on it.

  6. LinksmasGrybas commented on Shoe about 3 years ago

    TEA Party – why are you so afraid of the ACA? Afraid it will work and you all will look like the idiots you are? You must have tons of money because healthcare now is too expensive and insurance is also too expensive. I had a freak accident in my back yard in June, broke my leg, open fracture, plate and screws. Total cost $43,161. No insurance can bankrupt you, fortunately I had insurance.

  7. LinksmasGrybas commented on Steve Breen about 3 years ago

    Baslim the Beggar – your arguments are valid and well taken by me. How about those who commented above that they were laughing their butts off because everything you said really went over their buts?

  8. LinksmasGrybas commented on Fred Basset about 3 years ago

    This is an English comic strip, they drive on the wrong side of the road and have the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car

  9. LinksmasGrybas commented on Clay Bennett over 3 years ago

    And it is a good thing they didn’t, otherwise – well, I can’t imagine what more damage the two of them would have done to the country

  10. LinksmasGrybas commented on One Big Happy over 3 years ago

    The Grand Tetons were appropriately named.