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  1. jessegooddoggy commented on Ten Cats about 16 hours ago

    While not a classroom teaching book, I never tire of relaxing with “Mutts The Comic Art of Patrick McDonnell”.

  2. jessegooddoggy commented on Frazz about 16 hours ago

    4 cats and 1 shepherd mix dog, all allowed outdoors all day to a small fenced in part of my yard, chicken wire hanging loosely over the top keeps the cats from climbing out, although 3 are old, and one is blind. They like the fresh air and sun and grass but come in at night safe from raccoons and owls. Freddog gets long walks or hikes each day, my garden is not trampled or dug up. I think we all have the best of both worlds this way.

  3. jessegooddoggy commented on Ten Cats 1 day ago

    Extra love for today’s strip!

  4. jessegooddoggy commented on Ten Cats 3 days ago

    I have never had a cat that slept through breakfast!

  5. jessegooddoggy commented on Frazz 8 days ago

    Missing Caufield and Mrs Olsen, can’t wait for school to start.

  6. jessegooddoggy commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 days ago

    Sigh, the things I missed out on by never having kids….

  7. jessegooddoggy commented on Ten Cats 11 days ago

    Yes Graham, you are entitled to more vacations!! I really love today’s strip.

  8. jessegooddoggy commented on Pearls Before Swine 13 days ago

    Oh THANKS!! – Now that silly song will be in my head all day!!

  9. jessegooddoggy commented on Garfield 13 days ago

    I ran into a “hiker” on a backcountry trail in the high sierra on a beautiful morning this summer sitting under a tree watching a movie.

  10. jessegooddoggy commented on Ten Cats 16 days ago

    These are the very early strips, Graham is on vacation.