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  1. LtPowers commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Quill, Quill, Quill. Never wear a cummerbund with a necktie!

  2. LtPowers commented on PreTeena 3 days ago

    What, you couldn’t wait a few days?

  3. LtPowers commented on Heavenly Nostrils 8 days ago

    Marigold suggested it! I saw it myself. “Not as transparent as you /could/ be” she said.

  4. LtPowers commented on Luann 11 days ago

    Have you ever seen a penny? Or Abraham Lincoln?

  5. LtPowers commented on PreTeena 28 days ago

    It’s “Teena”.

  6. LtPowers commented on Citizen Dog about 1 month ago

    Since this strip is from the first month of the strip, I think Mark was still developing the characters.

  7. LtPowers commented on PreTeena about 1 month ago

    What pain? Who has ever censored the word “Christmas”?

  8. LtPowers commented on Heart of the City 2 months ago

    Not likely. Dean said it was plastic, implying the clothes are molded rather than fabric. And it’s way too small; original GI Joes were 12 inches tall like Barbie and Ken.

  9. LtPowers commented on Calvin and Hobbes 2 months ago

    One of the few dated C&H strips. Today you’d have to be over 60 to remember a cigarette jingle.

  10. LtPowers commented on PreTeena 2 months ago

    “Stink” is not an adjective, but an adjective wouldn’t have fit into that part of the sentence anyway.

    I’m also trying to figure out how Jeri knew what verb tense to use for “booed” and “molting”.