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  1. Tame commented on The Zoa Zone about 1 year ago

    Best of luck on all of your future endeavors, Alan.

  2. Tame commented on Rogue Symmetry almost 2 years ago

    Good one, guys. Love the manscaped pubic hairs.

  3. Tame commented on Ron Warren about 2 years ago

    Powerful land heartbreaking. Good work, Ron.

  4. Tame commented on Ron Warren over 2 years ago

    Can you identify the “right wing gun nuts who like to kill people” by name and/or appearance?I haven’t met one myself and like yourself, someone who has a number of gay friends, I have a number of right wing friends who believe that the 2nd Amendment legally provides an inherent right for non-criminal American citizens to own weapons, so therefore, I need to know what to look out for.Is it possible that you are speaking about the mentally and criminally insane element who have been systematically released on society by the political system and our moronic politicians that gutted funding to mental health programs and facilities causing the services to cease and the facilities to close down? (Democrats and Republicans alike)Then, for political gain, these insane persons are identified as “right wing gun nuts” by left wing nanny-staters who are simply opportunists playing to their constituents?If owning guns ever became illegal in America and the mentally and criminally insane were reduced to committing acts of violence with shovels, the left wing would manage to identify them as “right wing shovel nuts” purely for their own political gain. Just a thought.

  5. Tame commented on Obama and the Fatman over 2 years ago

    Send me an email, Michael. Your address that I had isn’t working.

  6. Tame commented on Sunny Street over 2 years ago

    That is too clever.

  7. Tame commented on Sunny Street over 2 years ago

    FUNny. Real FUNny!

  8. Tame commented on You Guys Are My Friends: The Comic over 2 years ago

    PETA is not going to be happy.

  9. Tame commented on Suburban Wilderness over 2 years ago

    You might want to consider that your deflector is functioning as a high-gain antenna.

  10. Tame commented on Snow Sez . . . over 2 years ago

    Business as usual.