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  1. Cubs4ever commented on Doonesbury about 5 years ago

    The unfortunate fact is that U of P and innumerable other “institutions of higher learning” prey on all working people to include active duty GIs. The allure of on-line education works well with those whose days are already filled with making a living and the attractiveness of at home study is hard to ignore. I did the majority of my degree work while still on active duty prior to the computer age and I can attest, as I’m sure many others can, that physically attending classes after a 10-12 hours workday is about as difficult as it gets. The quality of the education received is, however, exponentially higher than that received on-line. Regarding university admissions for GIs and vets; perhaps some of the private schools may be exclusive but, AFAIK, all state universities are very inclusive and often offer financial incentives along with those provided by the GI Bill.

  2. Cubs4ever commented on Doonesbury about 5 years ago

    I’ve only been reading this forum for a couple of days now but I already see that many seem to be unable to separate fantasy and reality. Pointed as it may be, it is still a comic strip.

  3. Cubs4ever commented on Doonesbury about 5 years ago

    It seems to me, without researching specifics, that when business is unfettered, stockholder greed becomes preeminent. The housing bubble is a recent example. I don’t think rank and file liberals are “anti-business,” although many on the far left may be; it’s that they see a growing oligarchy in America that grows fatter each day and has not been putting profits back into the economy in a way that trickles down to the middle class. I, for one, have no problem with a CEO or investor making big bucks. Free markets are a manifestation of freedeom. What I object too is the failure of business to meet what many of of see as the moral imperative to expand so as to be inclusive, not exclusive. Yes, the left bears responsibility here to, particularly with a 35% corporate tax rate that has chased many overseas.

    The anti-business prejudices are learned through extended unemployment, outsourcing, and the history of the labor movement of the early and mid 20th century. Business, unfettered, is the source of servitude, suffering, and poverty.