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  1. JusSayin commented on Peanuts 7 days ago

    It depends on the size.

    Schoenhut makes them. For an advanced student like Scroeder, I would recommend the full 3 octave, 37 key piano, with bench.

    Here is one for less than $250.
    Schoenhut 37 key piano

    The 30 key pianos are around $150

  2. JusSayin commented on Endtown 11 days ago

    Oh yeah, and some of the locals would call mohair goats Cashmere goats. US government subsidizes mohair production in south Texas so they can have a supply of mohair to make World War I army uniforms. Federal programs just won’t die.

  3. JusSayin commented on HUBRIS! 17 days ago

    Sounds like the Pacific Northwest.

  4. JusSayin commented on Endtown 22 days ago

    Maybe Holly isn’t pregnant here.

    The waitress did say “…here comes one of our very best” (customers) “right now”.

    Maybe she really, really, really likes that Husky Lumberjack meal.

    something is flying right at me

  5. JusSayin commented on Endtown 22 days ago

    “Please don’t let it be Marx. Please, please, please don’t let it be Marx!”

    It isn’t Aaron Marx with (ditto) Holly.
    Marx has a much different nose, and doesn’t have freckles.

    But it is Endtown, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if Chic’s smiley face meal morphed into GROUCHO Marx.

  6. JusSayin commented on Endtown 22 days ago

    Do ladybugs usually eat bacon?

    Or is this just a sign Irving is an Anthro?

  7. JusSayin commented on Endtown 22 days ago

    The face on Chic’s plate sorta looks like Marx.

    If he only had a cigar.

  8. JusSayin commented on Annie 22 days ago

    How much ransom insurance do you have, Steve?

    Can you even buy insurance against human sacrifice?

  9. JusSayin commented on Endtown 23 days ago

    Does the term “husky” mean “fat” in Australian English? 

    Husky farmhands might weigh 250 240 to 310 lbs (110kg to 140kg) at 5’10"(178cm), and farmhands need a lot of fuel to work like that all morning.

    Except farmhands weren’t usually totally fat, a lot if their size was muscle. But there was fat to fuel those muscles for long, hard work.

  10. JusSayin commented on Endtown 26 days ago

    Hasn’t Holly been a ditto illusion all along?

    And wouldn’t that make this waitress…

    Is Bobby still in that shower? Or did the Thin White Duke take his towel?