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  1. JusSayin commented on Endtown about 8 hours ago

    I think Firbee lost the rope. And that is why she fell backwards and hit her head.

    But who, or what, is keeping tension on the rope? Could the dittos have mutated into a more tangible entity?

    Well, we didn’t get answers today, maybe later.

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    Go Go Hirbee,
    Watch her Go Go Go.
    Go Go Firbee,
    Watch her Go Go Go…

  2. JusSayin commented on PreTeena 1 day ago

    It’s been twenty years, Candy

    Iggy and Kate

  3. JusSayin commented on Endtown 2 days ago

    That could be the bitter end of the laundry line we are seeing, but on first glance, I thought the line had broken, and the loss of resistance just caused Dirbee to fall backwards and hit her head on the wall. But something, or someone, would have had to caught the line to prevent Chic and Irving from falling back. Firbee’s collar could be just bunched up, or someone may be holding her.

    For clues to these questions, or maybe different ones, tune in Wednesday for As the Worm Turns .

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  4. JusSayin commented on Endtown 5 days ago

    Yes, you are correct, and my little fingers were typing before I really took in what you said. I was not trying to talk over you. Fire…is…scary, but really focusses the mind.

  5. JusSayin commented on Endtown 5 days ago

    I was referring to earth people who wrote science fiction and fantasy referring to Earth as Sol-3 (third planet from Sol, Latin for the Sun) or Terra, Latin for Earth.

    I have seen some things that I could not identify, but not with any indication of outer space or hollow Earth origins. I did see a flying craft that looked very much like an AWACS spy plane a few years before they were revealed, and it was kind of impressive for the time.

    I leave the alien stuff as an interesting set of phenomena, but cannot be certain what the phenomena mean.

    I do know MK-Ultra had among its mission goals the objective of dooling people and having them look at certain things, so other things, like experimental aircraft and weapons would be overlooked. That part of MK-Ultra has long been declassified.

    But the paranormal is really interesting for what it tells about people and cultures. And it is intriguing that some of the major themes seem to echo in unrelated cultures. Like many societies with no relation to each other have some historical context for dragons. And some of those cultures think dragon like creatures live underground, or in the hollow Earth.

    I am not going to seek out beings that want to stay hidden, and may have powers and abilities.

  6. JusSayin commented on Endtown 5 days ago

    Holly, Chic and Irving were blocking the laundry chute to keep the poisonous gas from getting to them.

    I’m not saying the poisonous gas was phosgene, but that is a poisonous gas I have the most experience with, well, except chlorine, but plain chlorine gas, as harsh as it is …

    Phosgene gas is destroyed by incineration. Perhaps other poisonous gases are best destroyed with fire. From outer space.

    So even if the gas has not sufficiently dispersed, fire could neutralize the paralyzing or poisonous effects of some poisonous gases.

    I am remembering the statue of the mutant, shot in the back with in arrow. Lizards may have poisoned the non-lizards, and then shot them in the back while they were trying to get away from the poison.

    Remember to submit your entries for the name of the current Lizardtopia to Aaron Neathery at aaronneathery@gmail.com.
    Hmm, Aaron may have not said if he wants the name the Dragons call the place, the TopSiders call the place, or the name someone like Darling Niki Mallard might have on the map.

    Because while we may call our planet Earth, or Sol3 or Terra (as G_d is my witness…) the Andromedans and Zetans(that’s what we call them) call Earth…

    Immagonna quit typing now.

    Lord, I was Born a Ramblin’ Man,


  7. JusSayin commented on Endtown 5 days ago

    Yes, the fire may be running low on oxygen needed to burn, and opening the door, may cause the flames to go chasing the oxygen.

    Yeah, I think Holly will try to block the chute after she goes in.

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  8. JusSayin commented on Endtown 9 days ago

    Remember to vote for Endtown as Best Graphic Story at Ursa Major Awards Login Page . There is also a way to vote for Jenner’s Doc Rat, Nightstar’s Carry On, and maybe Mark Stanley’s Freefall under the Best Comic Strip category.

    Jenner is a regular and strong supporter of Endtown her at GoComics, and Nightstar has frequently commented here. Jenner, Nightstar and Stanley can be found through the CrossTimeCafe’s forums, or Doc Rat and Freefall can be found on the TopWebComics voting page. Nightstar has declined in the past to put CarryOn up on TWC’s voting page, maybe she will change her mind. Nightstar uses the avatar of a Ginger With A Sword, that seems to be an actual photo of her. With a sword.

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    now let’s see if this works.



  9. JusSayin commented on Doonesbury 9 days ago

    Thanks to all for the clarification and date of the strip of the twins’ nativity.

  10. JusSayin commented on Get Fuzzy 9 days ago

    So…Kanye ripped off Bucky?