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  1. Gerry Ellenson commented on Brian McFadden 3 months ago

    I love the old Twilight Zone allusions!

  2. Gerry Ellenson commented on Non Sequitur over 1 year ago

    Now THAT’S funny!

  3. Gerry Ellenson commented on Non Sequitur about 2 years ago

    If you define yourself by what you’re against, you perish along with that something. Define yourself by what you’re FOR and the picture works.

  4. Gerry Ellenson commented on Pearls Before Swine about 2 years ago

    He should try the smoked oysters that come in flat cans. I got addicted to them in Nam and had to have them sent from home.

  5. Gerry Ellenson commented on Non Sequitur over 2 years ago

    My ex was an elementary school teacher. Parents were outraged when she began teaching critical thinking. One said “I’ll teach him what to believe. You just teach content.” Therein lies the serious illness afflicting the country.

  6. Gerry Ellenson commented on Bloom County over 2 years ago

    Men ARE twits … but it’s a genetic affliction, and it’s not PC to make fun of genetic afflictions. Women are lucky though. There is much about that affliction that they love, enough to pursue the afflicted with gusto.

  7. Gerry Ellenson commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 2 years ago

    The capacity for relationships with animals is one of those things that makes us, well, human beings. What’s sad is sometimes having to rely on animals for unconditional love. That says something about human beings as well.

  8. Gerry Ellenson commented on ViewsBusiness over 2 years ago

    Forget the content. THAT’S cartooning at its max! Outstanding!

  9. Gerry Ellenson commented on Garfield over 2 years ago

    Now THAT’S funny!

  10. Gerry Ellenson commented on Drew Sheneman over 2 years ago

    If only more presidents (and other politicians) were statesmen. Surely no one expected more out of Mr. Bring It On.