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  1. mikefive commented on Tom Toles about 14 hours ago

    “Fire the incumbents and elect people who care about the country enough to get something done.”

    From a Pew Research poll among registered voters taken 10/15 through 10/20:

    “Would you like to see your representative in Congress be reelected in the next congressional election, or not?”
    Yes 48%, No 35%

    “Regardless of how you feel about your own representative, would you like to see most members of Congress reelected in the next congressional election, or not?” Yes 23%, No 68%

    It seems we’re not willing to fire our own incumbent but expect everybody else to fire theirs.

  2. mikefive commented on Mike Luckovich about 15 hours ago

    If any of you believe that either side is going to seriously pursue voter fraud I think you are gravely mistaken. If one side vigorously went after the other the other would reciprocate. Neither side would want to be exposed so they don’t.

  3. mikefive commented on Steve Breen about 15 hours ago

    That looks about right for the White House. I doubt if you would be able to step out of the Capitol if public approval were lava.

  4. mikefive commented on Tom Toles about 17 hours ago

    “There are many, many court appointments that the gNOp has held up for years dragging the judicial system to a crawl.”

    I, too, believed this, but this part of your post piqued my curiosity enough to look it up. One would think that since the Senate has had all year of being able to confirm Federal judges by a simple majority that there would be little backlog. This does not appear to be the case.

    There are 874 Judgeships with 63 (7.2%) vacancies with 32 nominees pending. (There are two additional nominees pending for future vacancies) I had to ask myself
    1. Why are so many nominees unconfirmed?
    2. More curiously, why are there 31 vacancies and no nominees?

    It makes me think that the Democrats and Republicans were in cahoots about getting some nominees filibustered (the Dems didn’t want the nominee either?).

  5. mikefive commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    “The minimum wage should be tied to inflation.”

    That paragraph just showed that you know little about why wage surveys are done

  6. mikefive commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    And here all this time I thought it was a court decision..

  7. mikefive commented on Matt Davies 1 day ago

    Half staff? Is that the government’s feeble excuse for not fulfilling its legal obligation as concerns the victims of Hurricane Sandy? Pathetic!

  8. mikefive commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    I am absolutely appalled at the number of people here who do not understand who pays the taxes.

  9. mikefive commented on Steve Benson 1 day ago

    My exhaustive research on the PPACA of five families shows that 20% had a rate reduction, 40% had a rate increase, and 40% found it unaffordable. Using this to determine if this is indicative of the success or failure of the PPACA would be foolish as is using old 1953’s example. They are both only anecdotal and do not show any national achievement of the PPACA.

  10. mikefive commented on Clay Jones 1 day ago

    If I had to make a choice between getting a fake ID or a real one, I’d buy a real one. They’re much, much cheaper.