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  1. mikefive commented on Jerry Holbert 1 day ago

    ^ Yes, he does.

  2. mikefive commented on Glenn McCoy 2 days ago

    “ahhh, McCoy, no matter what note you got from Propaganda Central, this is Trump’s meme, not Hillary’s.”

    You really should pay attention to the news.

  3. mikefive commented on Jim Morin 4 days ago

    His predecessor put me out of business with rampant inflation that he did nothing about.

  4. mikefive commented on Clay Jones 5 days ago

    CNN had interviews with some Congressmen this morning. They were not in disagreement with Mr. Boehner’s viewpoint.

  5. mikefive commented on Jeff Stahler 7 days ago

    “what the heck is a BFG9000?DO I WANT ONE?”

    A sci-fi gun from the game and movie “Doom”. I t destroys everything in front of the muzzle.

  6. mikefive commented on Signe Wilkinson 7 days ago

    With 25% of the population being registered as Republicans and 31% being registered as Democrats, I would certainly hope that Mrs. Clinton would have received more votes than Trump. Add to that Mrs. Clinton had only one real competitor while Trump had three (sort of).

  7. mikefive commented on Jeff Stahler 8 days ago

    Just one. A BFG9000.

  8. mikefive commented on Pearls Before Swine 9 days ago

    A beard should be no problem. A three day no-shave is just slovenly.

  9. mikefive commented on Clay Jones 11 days ago

    ^ What makes you think the cartoon is about transgenders? It is could be about heterosexual males that will claim to be transgender.

  10. mikefive commented on Tim Eagan 14 days ago

    Watch you battery run down while the AC is running on 100 degree days.