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  1. mikefive commented on Chip Bok about 16 hours ago

    “What part of “equal protection under the law” don’t you understand? Is it the word “equal?”

    That ruling was about the misswording in the PPACA.

  2. mikefive commented on Jerry Holbert about 16 hours ago

    “The ‘us’ suffix would make the word Latin derived from the ancient Greek.”

    Would “Economicles” have been more fitting?

  3. mikefive commented on Jerry Holbert about 16 hours ago

    " There is also the job that Goldman Sachs and similar financial “advisors” did to get Greece into the EU."

    I cannot help but think that Goldman-Sachs et al only advised them to proceed in a manner that would get the results that would benefit the elected officials with maybe a little left over that would benefit the Greek people, at least in the short term. Cynicism toward the motives of elected officials? Yes.

  4. mikefive commented on Jerry Holbert 1 day ago

    “Isn’t this the molehill next to the Everest of debt the USA has racked up?”

    As a dollar amount you are correct, but coupled to percent of GDP, debt per capita, unemployment rate, economic growth, etc., the Greeks are in a pretty grim situation.

  5. mikefive commented on Tom Toles 2 days ago

    “No, the only people it hurt are the REAL American Fascists, aka the Tea-Party Lemmings.”

    You might want to check into individual policy holders.

  6. mikefive commented on Lalo Alcaraz 2 days ago

    For a group that only comprises 0.0000002% (I think the number of zeros is right) they certainly get a lot of press and editorial time.

  7. mikefive commented on Shoe 2 days ago

    This cartoon is so weak that it’s funny!

  8. mikefive commented on Signe Wilkinson 2 days ago

    “Lower raise in rates,…”

    This may be true for some, but perhaps not for all. The last time I looked at the HHS numbers, there was a shortfall of 45% in the rate of participation as projected by the CBO of those falling into the youngest group. The premiums of this group, being healthier than the oldest group, was expected to offset the expense of the health care of the oldest group. If the rate of increase in rates is currently lower, I don’t see that lower rate of increase as continuing.

  9. mikefive commented on Rob Rogers 2 days ago

    Why should I care as long that they did something historically lasting, significant, and beneficial for the country? Get rid of Jackson if you must. I don’t think he fits that criteria.

  10. mikefive commented on Lalo Alcaraz 2 days ago

    I question the sanity of anyone willing to wear a bed sheet and dunce cap.