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  1. Spherical Tabby commented on Ted Rall almost 5 years ago

    “Rouge” is wrong, unless you’re referring to a cosmetic

  2. Spherical Tabby commented on Ben Sargent almost 5 years ago

    Their ultimate goal being, as Lincoln pointed out, the outright enslavement of the working class.

  3. Spherical Tabby commented on Non Sequitur almost 5 years ago

    @DryGrub Willie
    Consider the effects, if he forgets vs she forgets

  4. Spherical Tabby commented on Ted Rall almost 5 years ago

    “Why do these guys insist on holding on to power when they could live out their days in some anonymous villa in the South of France?”
    Because psychopaths are incapable of imagining that the peasants might revolt.

  5. Spherical Tabby commented on Arlo and Janis almost 5 years ago

    There’s also a story from Zen Buddhism in which a master smacks a disciple apparently for no reason. When the disciple objects, the master says that the disciple is about to receive the dharma transmission, after which the disciple will be the master’s equal and therefore not smackable any more.