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  1. contralto2b commented on Working Daze about 14 hours ago

    My mom made me learn on a stick (4 speed VW mini-van) with the idea if I could drive a stick, I could drive anything! She was so right! I LOVE driving a stick. However, they are now hard to find on anything I can afford or use. Sigh. Also, they are not fun to drive in DC rush hour traffic.

  2. contralto2b commented on Pluggers about 14 hours ago

    I am wondering if the cartoonist might be suggesting that the driver might have a pager instead of a phone or a very simple flip phone? Like, I think it’s called, a Jitterbug?

  3. contralto2b commented on Close to Home about 15 hours ago

    My motto!! Especially when it comes to house cleaning – that is why I hire that job out!

  4. contralto2b commented on Speechless 1 day ago

    Tee Hee :o)

  5. contralto2b commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    My furniture style is American thrift shop. :o)

  6. contralto2b commented on The Elderberries 4 days ago

    And the kid know what whisky smells like because…..?

  7. contralto2b commented on Cleats 4 days ago

    Wahoo!! Crossover time!

  8. contralto2b commented on Endtown 4 days ago

    Tee Hee, love the Hitchhiker’s references.

  9. contralto2b commented on The Buckets 5 days ago

    I find I am sensitive to most fragrances. Except those made with essential oils. I don’t seem to get the headaches and nausea with those. Now if they had one made with essential oils that smelled like fresh baked bread….!

  10. contralto2b commented on Ink Pen 6 days ago

    He used an axe to cut down the tree, an adz to shape the wood and an awl to put holes in it to hang it up!