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  1. contralto2b commented on Speechless about 6 hours ago

    I laughed out loud!! Thank you, Len! I can hardly wait for version b!!

  2. contralto2b commented on The Elderberries about 7 hours ago

    She could totally start a business writing resumes!!!

  3. contralto2b commented on Working Daze 2 days ago

    MIB – In place of the laser-thingy they use to wipe memories?

  4. contralto2b commented on Pluggers 2 days ago

    I am almost 60 and have been looking at all the different places that offer discounts to see what age they start! Some start as young as 55. Like IHOP!! Can’t wait for my Golden Age Passport. We use my mom’s when she and I travel. I want to be able to use my own when my family and I travel.

  5. contralto2b commented on Wizard of Id 4 days ago

    I have had chocolate covered ants, grasshoppers and baby bees and they all taste the same. Just like Nestle’s Crunch!

  6. contralto2b commented on Speechless 4 days ago

    Thanks for the laugh!! I really needed it.

  7. contralto2b commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    My dad’s was KNJ 2384 back in Texas (we then moved to Virginia and he never used it again). That was more than 50 years ago and I STILL remember it!

  8. contralto2b commented on Speechless 5 days ago

    Your artwork and philosophy blend so well together! I LOVE THIS STRIP!!

  9. contralto2b commented on Pickles 5 days ago

    I am not a “go to the store” shopper – I am a buyer. However, I do my research ahead of time so I can go in, get what I want and get OUT. I prefer “shopping” from the comfort of my chair and computer.

  10. contralto2b commented on Gray Matters 5 days ago

    I would think Mercury would be a bit on the dry side.