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  1. MrRobots commented on Bottomliners 3 months ago

    DO I really need to say it?
    You know what your thinking to yourself..

    Awwww – what difference does it make!!??

  2. MrRobots commented on Bottomliners 7 months ago

    Whoa JD.
    Looks like someone hit your nerve.
    What you mean to say is that you are proud to be a progressive. You are in no way liberal – unless you mean with your acceptance of of a hand out from anyone else who pays. (Which by the way ties nicely into your communist mentality.)
    Allow me to give an example;
    Let’s see now – you are against anyone taking away someone’s rights – correct? Do you feel that way about the 2nd amendment? A persons right to defend themselves, or their family.
    Didn’t think so..

    How about the right to share thoughts with others? Humm.. Would that include the right to profess Jesus Christ with non-Christians?

    Ahhh – don’t be upset. You’re just reacting to stimuli,, the way the years of social progressive indoctrination has conditioned you.

    There’s a saying about a person being too stupid to even know they are stupid. For your own sake, I do hope you wake up one day.

    Until then I guess all you can do is live off the dime of the working man and think you are making a big social difference.

  3. MrRobots commented on Bound and Gagged 8 months ago

    An announcement from NOAA

  4. MrRobots commented on Close to Home 9 months ago

    With all the pork and ‘pork pulling’..

    It must be the DNC!

    Oh well; “What does it matter?..”

  5. MrRobots commented on Dilbert Classics 10 months ago

    Actually, an iPod loaded with all the kings’ speeches..

  6. MrRobots commented on Close to Home 10 months ago

    Unlike Carolina – at least they dug themselves out of the hole!

  7. MrRobots commented on Bottomliners 11 months ago

    Better than nothing at all!

  8. MrRobots commented on Farcus 11 months ago

    Reminds me of a movie; ‘The Post Man only Barks Twice’.

  9. MrRobots commented on Speed Bump 11 months ago

    I can remember attending a conference when people were just starting to talk about putting the Internet Protocol on appliances.
    Some touting the concept was wearing a shirt that said;
    “IP on everything”

    No kidding! (Always wished I got one for my dog)

  10. MrRobots commented on Close to Home 11 months ago

    Wow – you’re really getting personal there..