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  1. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 3 days ago

    I lived and loved through the 60s – it really wasn’t that great. For guys, there was the constant threat of being drafted to fight in Viet Nam. JFK was assassinated in 1963, his brother, Robert, assassinated in 1968. All in all, a pretty rough decade, especially considering that LSD (derived first from the fungus that caused young girls to accuse witches in Salem, Mass) had some particularly gnarly (bad) side effects.

  2. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 4 days ago

    Now we know why we went to black/white strips in the lead-up to this: It’s just like “Wizard of OZ” color change when the tornado deposits Dorothy and Toto in Oz and we even have a “Dorothy.” Does this mean that Jane is Toto the Dog?

  3. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 11 days ago

    I think the black/white vs. color tells us we are well on our way back to 60s and 70s “flower power.”

    Keep an eye out for the turtle and the other time traveler who just “disappears from the strip.” Pretty soon, if the cycle continues, we’ll be back to Beta Jane and space fantasy.

  4. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 13 days ago

    With luck, she’ll be just as shallow as Jill – a match made in someone’s fevered brain after ODing on double fudge moose tracks ice cream after another dateless night.

  5. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 17 days ago

    Don’t be foolish! This is a strip by, for, and about lesbians. Heteros are mere “extras.”

    BTW – I didn’t “nail” this, but Jill certainly WILL be nailed.

  6. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 18 days ago

    Probably a gorgeous female who will jump Jill’s bones and make her temporarily forget Chelle.

  7. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 20 days ago

    I think Jill may be my favorite in this strip. She continues to be the agreeable bimbo who can’t say no; she gets abuse from every angle; yet, she still doesn’t carry a grudge against anybody. Plus, whenever the chips are down, she steps up and does her job.

  8. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 23 days ago

    Not high on sugar – the donuts are long gone and digested! Newbies to the strip need to hang on because we are all going on a “trip” (even without Tim Leary’s donut supplement – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Leary)

  9. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 25 days ago

    Where’s Whoopi Goldberg when you need her?

  10. wesbucey commented on Jane's World 27 days ago

    Magic mushrooms? Ergot? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ergot)