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  1. commented on Jeff Danziger 12 days ago

    Texas: lowering the bar for the real States for 150 years.

  2. commented on Frog Applause 13 days ago

    Cut from the same cloth.

  3. commented on Pearls Before Swine 15 days ago

    Wasn’t Finnegan’s wake set for 9:00 a.m.?

  4. commented on Arlo and Janis 20 days ago

    Wow: that’s a lot of sheet!

  5. commented on Get Fuzzy 20 days ago

    I like Burpsie Cola; it makes me feel hoppy. It’s made from the fruit of the opium poppy.

  6. commented on Family Tree 20 days ago

    How about: arm both sides for twice the profit?

  7. commented on B.C. 20 days ago

    I’m a people. That’s a doughnuts. Fungus/Fungi.

  8. commented on Family Tree 21 days ago

    ….so say those who do not know.
    You might want to actually ask a teacher to explain the pluses and minuses of union membership. Better yet, earn a teaching credential, attempt to teach, experience the reasons for union membership for yourself, then make pronouncements about unions.

  9. commented on Lucky Cow 24 days ago

    Claire de’ loon.

  10. commented on Frog Applause 24 days ago

    Puffery by Proxy.