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  1. finkd commented on In the Bleachers 12 days ago

    Not to mention all the head coaches that were just fired.

  2. finkd commented on The Other Coast 28 days ago

    The adult Charlie Brown trying to return his tree.

  3. finkd commented on Herman about 1 month ago

    Is his name Dr. Farb ?

  4. finkd commented on The Born Loser about 1 month ago

    In Brutus’ case, age does not bring wisdom.

  5. finkd commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 1 month ago

    Yes, and so will Scott McKenzie.


  6. finkd commented on In the Bleachers about 1 month ago

    The ref must have bet on the other guy.

  7. finkd commented on Marmaduke about 1 month ago

    Marm only has one friend – his name is Noah.

  8. finkd commented on Santa vs. Dracula about 1 month ago


  9. finkd commented on Santa vs. Dracula about 1 month ago

    I have not read the graphic novel, so I don’t know how it ends. So, if what I’m about to say turns out to be a spoiler, please forgive me.


    When Kris was first contacted by Dracula, he told Drac that, in order to become the Claus, he had to kill the Claus. Well, what if the reverse were also true ? That, in order to become the king of the vampires, one had to kill the king of the vampires ? What if Kris Kringle has now taken Dracula’s place ?

    Merry Christmas, everyone !

  10. finkd commented on Francis about 1 month ago

    Colonel Klink became a priest ?