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  1. paul brians commented on Gasoline Alley 5 days ago

    The problem is this Frank Nelson stuff was funny only because it was originally delivered in an over the top voice. To see what it was all about watch this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA_r1Ynl4Ls

  2. paul brians commented on Gasoline Alley 6 days ago

    Sheldon Leonard played the race track tout on the Jack Benny radio show, beginning every encounter with “Hey, bud… c’mere a minute.” The joke was that he turned everything into a racing tip, no matter how unlike horse racing it was.

  3. paul brians commented on Non Sequitur 11 days ago

    A Platonic movie critic!


  4. paul brians commented on Frazz 12 days ago

    For the past year Seattle has had lots of sunshine, and had a very hot, dry summer. Another winter with less rain and cold that usual is predicted.

  5. paul brians commented on Red and Rover 19 days ago

    Bill Watterson did a brilliant strip using this song.


  6. paul brians commented on Stone Soup 25 days ago

    Habitat for Humanity also accepts donations of left-over building materials, furniture and appliances. Some they sell in their second-hand stores to raise funds, others they use directly in building new homes for people in need. Depending on your location and type of donation, they may even send a truck out to pick up your stuff.

  7. paul brians commented on Betty 25 days ago

    Or maybe they have Comcast’s X1 box: mine frequently gets hung up trying to change channels. I’ve had five different service guys from Comcast work on it: replaced all wiring, replaced the box itself, tweaked everything tweakable. I still have to go through a many-clicked dance to get it to change to the channel I want when it stalls out. If we had a clear sightline to the satellites I’d switch to sat TV—but no luck.

  8. paul brians commented on Pickles 27 days ago

    The “cole” in “coleslaw” comes from the same root as “kale.” Here’s the entry in my Web site:

  9. paul brians commented on Annie about 1 month ago

    I haven’t been following the comments so somebody else has probably already pointed out that this story is inspired by the Gene Autry serial “The Phantom Empire.”


  10. paul brians commented on Betty about 1 month ago

    Oops. Colorist missed his left foot in the second panel. I don’t think these folks get paid much.