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  1. Triviaguy commented on For Better or For Worse about 11 hours ago

    Yes, but Elizabeth’s was more recent which is why I thought that was the intended reference.

    Also, I just noticed the typos in my original post. The apostrophe is in the wrong place in Michael’s and school has too many o’s. Because it has received a reply, which was very well stated I might add, my OP will remain as is. Otherwise I would have corrected it, as I have done in the past.

  2. Triviaguy commented on Non Sequitur about 15 hours ago

    It could be the internal IT help desk.

  3. Triviaguy commented on Non Sequitur about 15 hours ago

    The story of Post-it Notes:

    In 1968 Dr. Spencer Silver of 3M (which stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) was attempting to invent a super strong adhesive when he accidentally invented a low stick adhesive. Dr. Silver unsuccessfully presented his low stick adhesive to 3M. In 1974 Art Fry, a colleague of Dr. Spencer’s at 3M, took advantage of the company’s officially sanctioned bootlegging policy after using the low stick adhesive to mark pages in his hymnbook and developed the idea. They original yellow color came from the fact the lab next door had only yellow scrap paper at the time. Post it notes were marketed for the first time in 1977 under the name Press ’n Peel and sales were dismal. The next year free samples were given out to positive reviews. In 1980 Press ’n Peel was relaunched, this time nationally, and renamed Post-it notes. The rest as they say is history.

  4. Triviaguy commented on Marmaduke about 15 hours ago

    No dogcatcher can hold Marmaduke. They just take him back home or give him a treat so he’ll leave them alone.

  5. Triviaguy commented on Luann Againn about 15 hours ago

    Let me guess, he later morphs into Dirk the Jerk?

  6. Triviaguy commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz about 15 hours ago

    I have never in life seen or heard of a left handed watch.

  7. Triviaguy commented on Herb and Jamaal about 15 hours ago

    Keep your words soft and sweet, Eula. You may have to eat them.

  8. Triviaguy commented on For Better or For Worse about 15 hours ago

    Michae’ls toilet training? You are aware that Michael is in the later years of elementary schoool at this point so his toilet training was done years ago. Perhaps you meant Elizabeth’s?

  9. Triviaguy commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    No, that would be methane.

  10. Triviaguy commented on Heathcliff 1 day ago

    Yep. The playoffs begin Tuesday.