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  1. Triviaguy commented on Shoe 2 minutes ago

    You are absolutely right K M.

  2. Triviaguy commented on Geech 18 minutes ago

    This is not a forum for that type of debate.

  3. Triviaguy commented on Peanuts Begins about 24 hours ago

    That’s illegal in many places. The charge would be inciting a riot.

  4. Triviaguy commented on Cathy 1 day ago

    As a help desk analyst, this one hits very close to home. Depending on what the user has told me their problem is, this may be one of the first questions I ask. I’ve had people that called because their mouse wasn’t working only to find that it wasn’t plugged in. I’ve had people call because their printer wasn’t printing only to find they had a wrong or nonexistent one selected in the program they were using. The difference being selecting the wrong printer may print the document in the wrong place while selecting a nonexistent printer will not print the document at all.

    I could go on for days. My colleagues and I share stories at the end of the day and many times we laugh ourselves silly, but at the same time we’re also grateful as those stories mean job security for us.

  5. Triviaguy commented on Geech 3 days ago

    What he was told to forget

  6. Triviaguy commented on Wee Pals 4 days ago

    Frederick Douglass is also one of the reasons that Black History Month is in February and not say November. When Dr. Carter G. Woodson in 1926 founded the celebration that would become Black History Month he selected the second week of February as the time for observance. This was chosen so the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (February 12) and Frederick Douglass (February 17) would fall during the celebration.

  7. Triviaguy commented on Herb and Jamaal 4 days ago

    Or better yet over the bed. It’s softer and will not damage the phone.

  8. Triviaguy commented on Trivquiz 5 days ago

    We sang that song at my 6th grade graduation in 1983. We also sang “The Rainbow Connection.”

  9. Triviaguy commented on Random Acts of Nancy 5 days ago

    This is called learning through osmosis.

  10. Triviaguy commented on Pluggers 5 days ago

    Take it from a computer help desk analyst, that is not a good idea. Even if you don’t have the websites written with them, if you don’t clean out your internet history your accounts can still be broken into and your post-its make that much easier. I have both my work and home browsers set to clear everything as soon as I close the browser windows and this is what I recommend to those I speak with to provide tech support assistance. The binder that other commenters mentioned is a good idea as long as it is kept in a safe place away from the computer. Another option is to create a file with your passwords and store it on a flash drive.