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  1. scpandich commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 20 hours ago

    looks closely at label

    Oh, that’s why: Davros Pharmaceuticals.

  2. scpandich commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 days ago

    While this is the common perception of the interplay of money and politics, reality is more complicated. When donors aren’t simply giving money to politicians who already have positions that line up with theirs, the money is less for “bought and paid for” than “pay to play”; the money donors give does not ensure results but merely buys access to the decision makers. That’s why incumbents, regardless of which party they belong to, gets the most donations. Money tends to follow power, not power money.

  3. scpandich commented on Liberty Meadows 4 days ago

    In fact, some scientists believe that the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the chicken.

  4. scpandich commented on Tarzan 6 days ago


    Gee, thanks for upping the creepy factor of the whole “sporing” with a boy.

  5. scpandich commented on Nancy 6 days ago


  6. scpandich commented on Tarzan 8 days ago

    It’s Joffrey’s old rumpus room.

  7. scpandich commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 9 days ago

    Matt “Megatoad” Stone: sponsored by Diabetes!

  8. scpandich commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 14 days ago

    Louis XV? Ew; you’re going to need that shoulder sterilized.

  9. scpandich commented on Tarzan 23 days ago

    What, did Tarzan take a trip to Pellucidar at some time?

  10. scpandich commented on FoxTrot 24 days ago

    I like blackened hot dogs. Marshmallows not so much— they’re better browned.