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  1. No Habla commented on Tom the Dancing Bug about 10 hours ago

    Well, one of the four food groups (salt, fat, crunch, beer) is sadly missing.

  2. No Habla commented on Frazz about 11 hours ago

    Exactly. My wife was complaining to me about a co-worker who ran to the bathroom as soon as he got to work every day. She said, “Why can’t he go at home?” My response, “WHAT? And not get paid for it?”

  3. No Habla commented on The Fusco Brothers about 11 hours ago

    I’ve got quite a bit of fur under my snout, gimme a beer!

  4. No Habla commented on La Cucaracha 2 days ago

    Hey, any excuse to drink tequila is a good one. It’s just after noon here. Yes! TIME FOR TEQUILA!

  5. No Habla commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    Nope, not EPA, local fire ordinances here in SoCal. A big bonfire here would not be fun, it would be downright scary!

  6. No Habla commented on Dinosaur Comics 2 days ago

    sounds like a good date

  7. No Habla commented on Dinosaur Comics 3 days ago

    Urban raccoons have long been one of my favorite target animals (opossum being the other).

  8. No Habla commented on Loose Parts 6 days ago

    A pair of us at work are bad cop and worse cop in meetings. One of us will start ripping into someone for their offenses against mankind, then the other will totally lay it on.

  9. No Habla commented on Frazz 6 days ago

    Running gives you warts on your feet, too. Far worse than touching a toad. Also, women should never run as it damages their reproductive organs and makes them sterile.

  10. No Habla commented on Dinosaur Comics 6 days ago

    My daughter has a copy of this classic tome. One of my favorites to read again and again.