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  1. SCOTT26 commented on Marmaduke 7 days ago

    How about off the Animal Control truck?

  2. SCOTT26 commented on Red and Rover 11 days ago

    I love ROVERS look in the last panel. His work is never done.

  3. SCOTT26 commented on Marmaduke 22 days ago

    Have you ever tried hiding the pills in peanut butter. My dog Murray is an expert at licking all of it off then spitting out the pill. back to the drawing board I guess.

  4. SCOTT26 commented on The Barn 25 days ago

    That is one way to get Stan moving.

  5. SCOTT26 commented on Liberty Meadows 28 days ago

    Dont worry. Oscar will be along soon and try to eat it.

  6. SCOTT26 commented on Marmaduke 29 days ago

    The neighbors thank you for the few minutes of silence. But Im not worried Marm will show everone who is the BOSS.

  7. SCOTT26 commented on Liberty Meadows about 1 month ago

    It does not matter. We have problems communicating with each other here. then it will just be by longer distance.

  8. SCOTT26 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Rat has too much blood in his alcohol stream. he will return to normal soon. I hope.

  9. SCOTT26 commented on The Barn about 1 month ago

    The sign on the booth looks like a hazardous materials placard for Corrosive materials like you would see on a battery container. or the truck that delivers them.

  10. SCOTT26 commented on Peanuts about 1 month ago

    I know that this comic is not drawn since Sparkys passing, but I am glad who ever is planning which comic to run each day took the time to show this on the right day of the year. I also have to say THANK YOU to all who have served.