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  1. skywatcher2 commented on Luann about 3 years ago

    My recommendation is that she give Brad the ring, after having the band sized and reenforced, and that Brad make her a ring made out of something that is emotionally significant like something stainless steel from the fire where he caught her.

    She giving him part of her memories, and he giving her part of his.

  2. skywatcher2 commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    I have a feeling that tj is running a con .
    on.our poor innocent Ms. Eiffel.
    All the customers coming in that he and she are playing against each other are probably paid actors by him.. she hasn’t a chance.

  3. skywatcher2 commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    Recommendation that Luann tell Rosa to every time she sees Gunther give him a sloppy wet kiss, and them walk away. After several times of that he will get use to it and learn how to return it. Or else she will give up, and tell him to take a hike.

  4. skywatcher2 commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    I can see T.J. causing a fire where Toni or Brad arrives as part of the fire fighting crew to put it out..

  5. skywatcher2 commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    I can see Brad blowing a cork. and T. J. is in for a very rough time.
    One should not give ultimatums to the Big Boss, it ties his hands in so many ways.
    She might lose her job so he gets his and letting them work together is usually against the rules if they are emotionally entangled, (i.e. married) it potentially endanger others on the crew.
    During a multi-alarm fire they would have to deal with the conflict by holding one or the other back if they married and had children.
    I can see one or the other placed in a administrative slot to safeguard the family from the ultimate problem of the loss of both of them with surviving kids.

    The dynamics here are turning very interesting!

  6. skywatcher2 commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    Something to remember is that she fired him because he was not meeting her work expectations.
    Now the next day she is begging him to come back?
    He has to build his case against her and keep his job. he is feeding her the rope to hang herself.
    Also not all of a stories plot action has to be on stage at the time it can be brought out after the fact.
    Toni may have already been made up with. We just haven’t seen everything. I’m still waiting to see Toni get together with Mom, and Dad may be pulling a few strings as well.

  7. skywatcher2 commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    I figure someone will point out to him that he is being a jerk and will apologize to toni.
    Then they will begin to collaborate and figure out how to deal with Ann in a more finessed Machiavellian way.
    T.J. was right in that they have the resources of the fire department on their side. she is still a firefighter and he, as he was a employee of good standing, is only laid off until they have the money to rehire him.
    The Captain of either of their precinct. will be tict-off that someone is hassling his firefighters and will rally their resources to him them. There are such things as laws and inspections have to be made to insure safety standards. Ann’s boss will understand.I’m sure.

  8. skywatcher2 commented on Luann almost 5 years ago

    Having been in the field of satellite communications operations I have learned more from my mistakes than doing it right from the get go. Failure forces you to learn more. and in life making a mistake more than once doesn’t pay.
    How many who spent weeks and great sums will have lost to learn the small mistake he is learned for free with his mall mistakes.
    Given time he may have the last laugh. Steven Spealberg, George Lucas, and Peter Jackson didn’t make great movies while learning..

  9. skywatcher2 commented on Luann almost 5 years ago

    Knute, has two things going for him, his perseverance,.doesn’t let a minor failure discourage him, and his optimism. Plus.
    hopefully he learns from his failures and doesn’t l get enamored by his own brilliance.

  10. skywatcher2 commented on Luann almost 5 years ago

    I second the hope that Posters in Irene’s path all come out of it OK.

    On the other subject I think that Brad may end up a WW Manager and so get Managerial experience and eventually will be rehired as a firefighter with that on his resume.
    If he and Toni were to be located at the same station there would be problems with their personal life verse their job. best they were in separate stations.Stations if they want to both work and be married.