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  1. SlightlySlow commented on Dana Summers 4 months ago

    At the press WH briefing, the question was asked “While in Texas will Obama visit the border”, and the answer, “No side trips are planned”. And the reason for the Texas trip…to attend three Democrat fund raisers. The crisis would be a “side trip”!!! That’s our prez!!! What are we paying this guy for?

  2. SlightlySlow commented on Mike Luckovich 4 months ago

    NeoconMan…If you had checked “All About Global Warming” you would have realized that Adrian Vance has broken down the numbers proving that an increase in CO2 could not cause any catastrophe the alarmist predict. Which, would strengthen your argument…but you didn’t. In fact, a quick check of the periodic table and a multiplication formula any 6 year old or some high school graduates can solve will verify his paper. The AGW people are barking up the wrong tree. AGW, never, GW, very questionable. But doing some research may be too much to ask of the people posting here…but one can hope. BTW, I’ve been a Republican since 1962, the first year I could vote. But then who cares.

  3. SlightlySlow commented on Mike Luckovich 4 months ago

    Thank you for clarifying that. I was somewhat confused. Recently I spoke with an old classmate of mine at Texas A&M. A scientist at NASA since 1962, and still with NASA and active in his field of gas reactions in space, writer of a zillion papers, who tells me that James Handsen has become an embarrassment to NASA because of his fringe AGW belief. If I remember correctly, Handsen was often quoted, until recently, as being the go to guy because of his association with NASA, that the AGW folks point to as their poster child. So maybe, just maybe, science is not settled on this issue?

    I recommend reading a short paper written by Adrian Vance on the properties of CO2, it goes into a little more depth than you might find in the New York Times.
    “All About Global Warming” @ Amazon.com well worth the 30 minutes and 2.99 change they charge for the Kindle edition. It’s my understanding that none of the original computer models have proven true on the original input… In my field, we say, sh*t in, sh*t out. I do love a good argument though.

  4. SlightlySlow commented on Mike Luckovich 4 months ago

    And why is AGW called a hypothesis?

  5. SlightlySlow commented on Mike Luckovich 4 months ago

    I’m thinking, oil makes the wheels go round. Try doing without it for awhile…then talk stupid and motivation. See if anybody listens.

  6. SlightlySlow commented on Mike Luckovich 4 months ago

    Mike Luckovich, Über Liberal par excellence. What a funny guy. His material may be a little dated, hey, he writes a great strip….brings the old crazies right outa the wood work. But…I wonder why he stirs the pot? History has proven “W” correct in deposing Sadam and his two certifiable sons, their insanity makes Stalin and Pol Pot look benevolent…and he acted on the best advice from every intelligence agency in the “free world”. That would include our own CIA’s, who’s head, George Tenet, a Clinton appointee and holdover, so famously adivsed Bush that Sadam had WMD and would use them, “a slam dunk”. A listing of Sadam’ atrocities’ track record is overwhelming: an ongoing war with Iran, rape of Kuwait, genicide of the southern Shites, thousands in mass graves, gassing of the Kurds, villages bulldozed, daily threats to Israel, thief of the national treasury, violation of UN sanctions…and a scary thought, the third largest standing army in the world. When do you say, enough is enough. Bush tipping point may have been 9/11, we had troops in the field, boom, bang, Sadam is gone and 40 million people are free. So far, so good. So…how did we come to this. Headlines: Iraq Implodes? Kinda makes you wonder who pulled the plug.

  7. SlightlySlow commented on Nick Anderson 8 months ago

    I wonder what the painting would look like. Maybe a hoop shot, because the CIA said…“slam dunk” when asked if Iraq had WMD. Or…perhaps perhaps a gaggle of geese because France, Germany, England and Israel thought so to. Or…perhaps a bunch of clowns from the posturing of Saddam and his certifiably insane sons.

  8. SlightlySlow commented on Doonesbury 9 months ago

    Interesting comment: till your xxx “needs” one. Taking a life because it’s inconvenient..and to answer your next question…if it’s not alive, why did you kill it. Some women find that it’s inconvenient 3 or 4 times…

  9. SlightlySlow commented on Doonesbury 9 months ago


    There have been 15 Democratic presidents, the first being Andrew Jackson, who served from 1829 to 1837

  10. SlightlySlow commented on Doonesbury 9 months ago

    I live in a gated community. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is better. I left the army with $120 dollars in my pocket. I had to go home or get a job that day. Rich is a lot of hard work.