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  1. xSigoff commented on F Minus about 7 hours ago

    good call.

  2. xSigoff commented on The Other Coast 1 day ago

    Friend of ours had a Beagle; in the middle of the desert (Ft Irwin), no trees etc in sight, but all he had to do was say “Squirrel, Patches” and that dog would stand on his back two legs straight up and look around for the squirrel to chase. So funny.

  3. xSigoff commented on Break of Day 1 day ago

    Ah, the address..the number of a man…

  4. xSigoff commented on Overboard 1 day ago

    Interesting…black flames.

  5. xSigoff commented on WuMo 2 days ago

    So…the wings are for show?

  6. xSigoff commented on Gray Matters 2 days ago

    “A” Corporate retailer? More like thousands of them. It is a privacy plague of biblical proportions.

  7. xSigoff commented on Gray Matters 3 days ago

    dont need rfid wallets if you use a bank that does not require them, like mine.And apps like samsung pay need to be within a half inch to use them Plus you still have the put in the code. I like it and use it all the time and I am about to hit 70…

  8. xSigoff commented on Wizard of Id 9 days ago

    I only comment that there are no crucifixes on the wall as there would have been in the middle ages, otherwise I totally agree and appreciate the sentiment. God bless all.

  9. xSigoff commented on Scary Gary 28 days ago

    You do realize that that thing he is stretched on is the infamous medieval torture device called the rack. It was considered the worst of all torture devices in a society that really new how to hurt ya.

  10. xSigoff commented on Moderately Confused about 1 month ago

    Very Good. I like this one because I definitely identify with it.