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  1. xSigoff commented on Thatababy 2 days ago

    Here in Georgia we just wait 10 minutes…

  2. xSigoff commented on Scary Gary 14 days ago

    I donno; looks like .44 inches of help.

  3. xSigoff commented on For Heaven's Sake 18 days ago

    typically Southern style.

  4. xSigoff commented on Garfield 19 days ago

    Yeah I noticed that too.

  5. xSigoff commented on Lio 23 days ago

    Ok, where did that “dish served cold” come from? We all know it was used in the Wrath of Kahn, but was it a quote from a previous work?

  6. xSigoff commented on Dilbert Classics 25 days ago

    Really? I ditched mine as soon as I….well what do know? There it is…

  7. xSigoff commented on F Minus 26 days ago


  8. xSigoff commented on Brewster Rockit 26 days ago

    the same way the people inside are oriented in one direction. Cartoon Physics!

  9. xSigoff commented on The Other Coast 27 days ago

    I knew my comment would get something going. Models shmodels. Obviously observation trumps theories.
    Models are only good for getting research grants.

  10. xSigoff commented on The Other Coast 27 days ago

    maybe but man has nothing to do with it. The models prove it!