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  1. MeGoNow commented on Clear Blue Water about 7 hours ago

    Wait until next week. That episode is Manny’s Mangled Nuts.

  2. MeGoNow commented on Angry Little Girls about 8 hours ago

    Yes, kid. Your community is Overthinking Narcissists.

  3. MeGoNow commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy about 8 hours ago

    She’s thinking, “Sissy? Silly? Stupid? Sleezy? Do I just ask him?”

  4. MeGoNow commented on For Better or For Worse about 8 hours ago

    Well, jeeze, teacher. Why don’t we just kiss with tongues.

  5. MeGoNow commented on The Duplex about 8 hours ago

    He likes to drink in privacy.

  6. MeGoNow commented on The Doozies about 8 hours ago

    Ooooooo! Dana was kinky with a panda.

  7. MeGoNow commented on Cow and Boy Classics about 8 hours ago

    He’s fine. Slap a piece of Wonder Bread on him.

  8. MeGoNow commented on The Big Picture about 9 hours ago

    Common mistake. That’s a hand truck, not a dolly. But if you try to do the same gag with “hand truck,” you stand a good chance of getting in trouble.

  9. MeGoNow commented on Arlo and Janis about 9 hours ago

    Oh, I see what he’s up to. “No, try another pair.” “No, not quite. Try the blue pair.” “No, try the first pair again.”
    Arlo could lie there and play this game all day, so long as he can keep her taken ‘em off and puttin’ them on.

  10. MeGoNow commented on That is Priceless 1 day ago

    Too uncoordinated to walk and look at a flower at the same time.