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  1. MeGoNow commented on That is Priceless about 3 hours ago

    He should have known when he saw that collar that there were things he would not be experiencing.

  2. MeGoNow commented on Lug Nuts about 3 hours ago

    No, but he is wearing his fishing hat.

  3. MeGoNow commented on The Argyle Sweater about 3 hours ago

    Aye, they’ve been at sea a loooong time.

  4. MeGoNow commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken about 3 hours ago

    Keep movin’, movin’, movin’
    Though you’re disapprovin’
    ‘Cause get it wrong and you’ll be

  5. MeGoNow commented on Strange Brew 1 day ago

    The wurst is yet to come. That foot-long over there is really meatless. (If they didn’t think it was that kind of beach, why are their buns showing?)

  6. MeGoNow commented on Off the Mark 1 day ago

    Did they search the kid, to make sure he didn’t bring an accessory not normally provided by the factory.

  7. MeGoNow commented on The Fusco Brothers 1 day ago

    If you look back on old Fusco Brothers, you see that Dr. Kapuchnik was the one on the couch.

  8. MeGoNow commented on The Dinette Set 1 day ago

    Ma knows she doesn’t need much for this trip. But she also knows Joy will make Burl carry her bags. So, in go the wool coats, iron, backup iron, bowling ball borrowed from fellow inmate, and four two-litre bottles of Cost-Lo Cola.

  9. MeGoNow commented on Andy Capp 1 day ago

    For a bum, he’s being pretty picky. When hops are in short supply, just drink ale.

  10. MeGoNow commented on That is Priceless 2 days ago

    Take an art class, they said. Great way to meet women, they said…