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  1. rpmurray commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    That parrot sounds just like a democrat when they’re “compromising” on the budget.

  2. rpmurray commented on Mike Lester 5 days ago

    Because the politically correct are trying not to offend anyone whose vote they can buy with free handouts of taxpayer money.

  3. rpmurray commented on Jerry Holbert 8 days ago

    Isn’t this the molehill next to the Everest of debt the USA has racked up?

  4. rpmurray commented on Jerry Holbert 9 days ago

    I thought the Democrats preferred bought and paid for voters. They just need o come up with new ways to transfer money from those who work to those that don’t.

  5. rpmurray commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 10 days ago

    The Supreme Court just ruled that magic hair can get married in all 50 states.

  6. rpmurray commented on JumpStart 10 days ago

    Uh Robb, isn’t this a little insensitive? Whitney, daughter, tub – get my drift?

  7. rpmurray commented on Rose is Rose 10 days ago

    All water under the bridge now.

  8. rpmurray commented on Tim Eagan 13 days ago

    If only one person will be saved by having the law-adiding citizens of this country give up their rights then it will be worth it.

  9. rpmurray commented on PreTeena 17 days ago

    Not only is it in color, unlike the reruns it can be enlarged.

  10. rpmurray commented on Rose is Rose 17 days ago

    With Clem there Pasquale will be lucky if he even gets a sliver of that pie.