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  1. sueamarlucan commented on Jeff Stahler about 12 hours ago

    We will be the same place we are every time there is a holiday selling fireworks…at the entrance road to our place. We have to go sit out there and make sure people from the city don’t go buy their fireworks then drive out to an empty looking place to party and shoot them off. They like to do it away from their homes so they don’t get drunk and burn their house down, so they come out to OUR place to get drunk, do fireworks and burn everything around them, including cattle, pasture, crops, goats, chickens and people’s homes and their only way of making a living.

    Be careful with your fireworks folks. They really can be dangerous.

  2. sueamarlucan commented on Henry Payne about 13 hours ago

    Have you read ‘The Omen’?

  3. sueamarlucan commented on Lisa Benson about 13 hours ago

    Never. Yet we have done just that to ourselves all the while pointing fingers of blame at each other.

  4. sueamarlucan commented on Non Sequitur 1 day ago

    So, there are different definitions for ‘internet troll’ depending on who you ask. Got it.

  5. sueamarlucan commented on Non Sequitur 1 day ago

    Oh, but I am. And buying a new gun makes me happy. I guess I could be nasty like you and say making you unhappy makes me happy, but it doesn’t. It makes me sad to know how unhappy you are with your sorry life because so many like to own guns. So sorry…

  6. sueamarlucan commented on Clay Jones 1 day ago

    Blanket judgment. The real bias is judging everyone by your ruler. Judging all conservatives and republicans by the actions of one or even a few is no better than what you say the republicans are doing.

  7. sueamarlucan commented on Darrin Bell 1 day ago

    Every one of the lines on the board are an attempt to divert the real blame from the actions of criminals.

  8. sueamarlucan commented on Darrin Bell 1 day ago

    If your story is true, wouldn’t it be better if knives were banned?

  9. sueamarlucan commented on Darrin Bell 1 day ago

    And they make good equalizers in situations that are unequal…as in when a huge hulking guy attacks a half crippled woman…

  10. sueamarlucan commented on Darrin Bell 1 day ago

    What I don’t understand is why you think that banning guns will keep them out of the hands of criminals/terrorists. Have strict gun controls stopped any attacks anywhere, like Paris, Brussels, Turkey?

    There ARE laws that prohibit leaving guns out where toddlers can get to them. Has that stopped incompetent idiots from doing so? There ARE laws that are designed to keep guns out of the hands of inner city thugs. Did any of them work yet?

    Did banning guns stop the machete slaughters in African countries? The main problem is that you and many others have never bothered to even look up the laws already in place so you parrot what you have heard instead of doing your own investigation to see what is true or not.

    And as far as ‘this’ not happening anywhere else, bull. Even you know that’s not true. Look at Mexico, Africa, South America, Europe…come on. The common denominator is the criminals using tools to further their self-serving agenda.

    No one can have a sensible discussion when either side is calling for their way and their way only.