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  1. sueamarlucan commented on Lalo Alcaraz 1 day ago

    Why bother with ‘citations’? I tried that; got called a liar anyway.
    Decided not to bother doing the cut’npaste thing since it didn’t make a difference in anyone’s stance; got called too stupid to ’cutn’paste’.

    Why bother to ask ‘how high’ when someone yells ‘jump’ when it won’t do a rats’ naked tail of good?

  2. sueamarlucan commented on Lalo Alcaraz 1 day ago

    Incredible. But, not unexpected to hear such as this as the desperation mounts.

  3. sueamarlucan commented on Lalo Alcaraz 1 day ago

    Yep. Microphone is defective.

  4. sueamarlucan commented on La Cucaracha 1 day ago

    Who cares? They are ALL actors/actresses for pete’s sake.

  5. sueamarlucan commented on Jerry Holbert 1 day ago

    Incredible. The insults being hurled at a guy that hurls insults…

  6. sueamarlucan commented on Steve Kelley 1 day ago

    “Coke-fiend”? Really? Wow.

    No, no rhetoric from the ultra-left…

  7. sueamarlucan commented on Steve Breen 1 day ago

    I think you are wrong. We have a wonderful community around here that sees no problem with having guns to protect our families and we regularly get together to have fellowship and travel to less fortunate communities to help; even other countries with less fortunate. We understand we are a global community and have numerous volunteers to go help others at their own expense. We don’t do this stuff just at Christmas to look good. None of us are fearful of others, though we do not just trust others out-of-hand, we are not that na├»ve. Most of us are what you would classify as “right wing” because we believe in a conservative lifestyle of hard work and standing on our own and helping others when they need help, though we expect those that can help themselves to help themselves instead of sitting on the sidelines while accepting that help. We regularly take food to families. We regularly fix other’s vehicles when they cannot afford to.

    Declaring that ‘right-wing posters’ have a deficit of any kind is making blanket judgments that most so-called ‘left-wingers’ would not stand for, yet those of us that consider ourselves conservative Christians and do the best we can to live that directive every day of our lives are not supposed to “take it personally” when we read comments that denigrate and scorn us?

  8. sueamarlucan commented on Steve Breen 1 day ago

    Especially the ones with all those mass graves of unarmed citizens…

  9. sueamarlucan commented on Ted Rall 1 day ago

    Pretty much equal opportunity smearing going on.

  10. sueamarlucan commented on Henry Payne 1 day ago

    In this election, facts have become anything one wants to believe.