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  1. RockHouse commented on Endtown 26 days ago

    Has Wally been shrunk into the dittoverse, or has it expanded to encapsulate him? Moot? Maybe to talk to the dittos directly, Wally has to become one. Frame of reference pinball, anyone?

  2. RockHouse commented on Endtown 29 days ago

    The trouble with harvesting emotional energy waves for repurposing are the poltergeist consciousness glue that gives the waves their coherence, such as it is. The computer is losing that function. What is the nature of that consciousness? is it what is left of Lyn, the consciousness that inhabited his brain, just decaying more slowly than the digesting function of the computer?

    When Alan Moore took over Swamp Thing Swampy thought he was Alec Holland. Because of machinations by third parties, he cam to realize that he had merely absorbed Alec’s memories and personality, but had his own life force plant based, not human. He then flipped out and went on a rampage against those who were responsible for Alec’s death and his creation.

  3. RockHouse commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    Perhaps the mutation effect is tied to the one in over a billion effect of this Earth reality being the only one that still has life. But don’t ask me what kind of causal relationship between these two facts might be. Is there some kind of Gaea entity here, preserving life and guiding changes?

  4. RockHouse commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    Did the computer simply show Wally only those earths with an apocalyptic wavelength spectrum? It would only be interested in those from its salvaging programming. I think there may be other earth wavelength spectra where this earth may also intersect from another direction where life has been maintained. Is there any exclusivity condition to prevent this? I’m curious as to which earth Marx got the tuna cinnamon gum from. Wouldn’t each earth be an expression of the intersection of many (infinitely?) other waveform spectra? Lack of parsimony is a major criticism of the multiple universe concept.

    If you want to spend a lot of time, google `multiple universe quantum mechanics youtube’ and check out the videos

  5. RockHouse commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    The pixels seem to me to be nanocomputers with of the neurotechnical sort, like some AI experiments designed to mimic human neurons and form an artificial human brain. Unlike pixels which are permanently fixed to a screen to provide the physical portion of a graphics user interface, these individual units are free to move and assemble as directed or needed in ordinary time/space. They need the emotional waves to direct their processes, but have a basic survival program to serve as a foundation. In that state, they are feral. Any being that has a strong self-identity and is strongly and effectively living can control them with their conscious mind. The ship’s computer is the local controlling processor. If it communicates with others of its sort by thought waves, then it must capture and re-craft the sensibilities of the emotions of autonomous beings like Wally to its own purpose. These are all issues of autonomy and control. Are the controlling Lucranians a hive of higher order computers with at least group autonomy, like a collection of linked human brains in a nourishing matrix?

  6. RockHouse commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    I think the computer is an emotional energy vampire. It has to interact with humans’ emotions, and needs a EmUi (emotional user interface). The best way to do that is to interact on that level, and it needs energies it can’t generate, but can manipulate. Wouldn’t that be a logical approach for AI getting across the Uncanny Valley?


    In the third Matrix movie, didn’t Neo allow himself to be absorbed by the Agent Smith program because he was a threat to both the uncontrolled humans and the Matrix, which “Deus Ex Machina” acknowledged by letting Neo be absorbed into his being, preempting Smith.

  7. RockHouse commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    If the computer has feelings and needs to recharge, was the purpose of the ditto-run show and tell directed at Wally some emotional vampirism on the part of the ship’s computer for its recharging? It also brings some confusion of the relative degree of control Wally has over the dittos versus the computer.

  8. RockHouse commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    Now we return control of your mind to you.


  9. RockHouse commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    I suspect that the dittos aren’t a Lucranian creation, but just another item they salvaged and adapted. And I’ve wondered about the food also. Can you get nourishment by digesting dittos, if that is even possible? Marx did produce on demand by Mallard a pack of Cinnamon Trout gum from an alternate dimension. Maybe the dittos can do a transdimensional extraction.

    I vote for the ship being named the Schroedinger Fitzgerald. Wally’s still real after opening the box, and the waveform decohered, returning to the universal waveform.

  10. RockHouse commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    I think Lyn died, and his spirit got caught in the group ditto quantum waveform, for a lack of a better description. Still possessing strong memories, which give him some influence with the dittos which will decohere with time, he can affect Wally through his dittos, merged with the Unity ones. Jealousy over Holly may be feeding and sustaining his remaining “humanity”, and now he needs to let go and allow Wally to be the main actor preserving Holly, himself, and their friends, all trying to hold on what is left of their “humanity”. Redefining this term is a way Aaron is using to get to its essence.