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  1. jcrass commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    I think that this is Marx. Just going by the bowtie.

  2. jcrass commented on Pluggers 3 months ago

    When I get home from work, I take off my hat and empty my pockets and put everything into the hat. Next morning, I have all of it right there where I need it.

  3. jcrass commented on Broom Hilda 3 months ago

    He seemed like a bad egg.

  4. jcrass commented on Bound and Gagged 3 months ago

    That is one big baby!

  5. jcrass commented on Pluggers 4 months ago

    That was the one in my ‘78 Chevy Van. Don’t have it anymore, but I still know the number.

  6. jcrass commented on The Argyle Sweater 4 months ago

    And I thought this was a family strip!

  7. jcrass commented on Wizard of Id 5 months ago

    Dilbert has had guest artist for the past couple of weeks.

  8. jcrass commented on The Middletons 5 months ago

    In his dream, the top of his head is completely bald, where in reality he does still have some hair.

  9. jcrass commented on Dick Tracy 10 months ago

    When is Junior going to have that talk with Tracy?

  10. jcrass commented on Bound and Gagged 10 months ago

    Hey, isn’t that Morris from the Mittletons?