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  1. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    Surely, even this moron understands that climate is defined by averages?

    Sheesh. By his reckoning, a cool day in August disproves the existence of summer.

  2. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    Of course, he neglects to point out that the people who were dropped (by insurance companies that decided to cancel substandard grandfathered plans) can simply sign up for new insurance on the exchanges. He also neglects to point out that everyone can now get insurance, by law, whereas before Obamacare, millions couldn’t because of pre-existing conditions, or because they couldn’t afford it. So there is a net gain of the number of people who can get insurance — the whole idea behind ACA, and something the Republicans opposed.

    What a low, dishonest liar he is. People like him intentionally fool the simple, a truly ugly game.

  3. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    What a repulsive, disgusting liar this guy is. The filibuster is not in the Constitution, it is just a rule set by the Senate, and under the Constitution, the Senate can change its rules. Indeed, filibuster abuse is itself probably unconstitutional — the filibuster was intended to preserve the minority’s right to debate, not to create a de facto supermajority requirement, and the Supreme Court has ruled that Congress cannot impose a supermajority requirement on itself.

  4. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    This guy just lies and lies and lies, and I’m not talking about Obama. I read the Times’s coverage of this subject and it was straightforward and honest. I can understand why ignorant or simple people might think that Obama had lied here, but I can’t believe that McCoy isn’t familiar with the facts.

  5. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy about 3 years ago

    This guy gets nuttier and nuttier. Now it’s Obama who shut down the government? Glenn, take your meds!

  6. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy over 4 years ago

    Mickey, not all Republicans, no, but this kind of smear tactic has become big in the Republican Party — witness all the outlandish accusations against Clinton, the Swift Boating of Kerry, the Birther movement, etc. It’s one of the main reasons I’d be reluctant to vote for a Republican at this point. Murdoch/Aisles/Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch Brothers/Tea Party — they and their ilk have turned a once-great party into the sort of thing that pours out of mountainsides in Lord of the Rings.

  7. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy over 4 years ago

    Equating child molestation with sex with a consenting adult? I’m not sure what’s creepier here — McCoy’s attempt to equate the two, or his seemingly psychotic need to smear Democrats, no matter how much he has to twist reality to do so. Whether he’s excusing pederasty or libeling Clinton or both, this is one of the creepiest things he’s done.

  8. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy over 4 years ago

    Judging by this deeply offensive cartoon, Mr. McCoy is waging a war on women as well. Hardly surprising that he also supported Limbaugh’s remarks.

  9. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy over 4 years ago

    Exactly. That’s what makes the cartoon so incredibly dishonest and hypocritical. McCoy knows damn well that the oil companies are spending vast sums to corrupt Republican politicians. And he responds to that by trying to make it look as if environmentalists are the villains. It’s the Big Lie technique. He should have worked as a cartoonist for Pravda during the cold war.

  10. josh358 commented on Glenn McCoy over 4 years ago

    Cubefarmer, you may be fond of malicious dishonesty, but I’m not, and this cartoon is both malicious and dishonest. But then, look at the Republican primary contest. It’s hard to believe that within my own lifetime, there was time when one could speak of “principled conservatives.” Now it’s “Oh, yeah, it says that in my book, but I didn’t write it and I didn’t read it, and oh, by the way, my super PAC that I have nothing to do with just released an attack ad demolishing the same guy I endorsed last year.”