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  1. annette143NotMe commented on Non Sequitur about 3 hours ago

    I like that Trump wants to reduce tax. Stop funding the foot that stomps on freedom. One believes in the strength of individuals to create businesses and rebuild the infrastructure.
    the other wants a nanny state! everyone dependent on government, sucking off her withered teat. I am outraged I cannot decide IF I want medical insurance! I don’t go to doctors! I am Not paying some corporation blood money! Now I can’t earn any money or be forced into this ! Being forced to do things is not the America I grew up to love! I would Not get my kid a shot Because they Force it!
    I don’t trust it! for all I know they could be doing any one of a number of horrible things under the pretext of helping. GOVERNMENT! When we have lost free choice it is Out of Control!

  2. annette143NotMe commented on Non Sequitur about 4 hours ago

    “The man doesn’t even try to hide it.”
    {eggzactly! now which is the bigger fibber? Russia did not hack DNC. I heard it was our own NSA trying to stop her from making more messes like Bengazi. They don’t trust her because they know she has been compromised. Her servers were (some believe) observed by other players who can now use the information against her, blackmail her.

  3. annette143NotMe commented on Ballard Street about 4 hours ago


  4. annette143NotMe commented on GIRTH about 12 hours ago

    3 dog night

  5. annette143NotMe commented on Speed Bump about 12 hours ago

    hahahaha! Lol :D

  6. annette143NotMe commented on Ballard Street about 12 hours ago

    they call it mellow yellow: https://youtu.be/nrbni0tVBZ8

  7. annette143NotMe commented on Ballard Street about 12 hours ago

    try lighting it _

  8. annette143NotMe commented on Fred Basset about 12 hours ago

    I’ll bet on Yorky for first place

  9. annette143NotMe commented on B.C. 1 day ago

    the leaves fell off the trees here over a month ago. many are not recovering. I don’t think it is the drought. 77 was a drought. this is different. www.enenews.com

  10. annette143NotMe commented on GIRTH 1 day ago