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  1. EScott2U commented on Frazz over 5 years ago

    I just wanted to say that Jeff draws really neat cats

  2. EScott2U commented on La Cucaracha over 5 years ago

    Actually it’s an anchor wearing diapers.

  3. EScott2U commented on La Cucaracha over 5 years ago

    @Juankis - Scandalous! the nerve of that casting agency!
    Wait, no, let’s see, it’s a movie depicting a transatlantic voyage from England to the United States in 1912. Hmmm, what sort of passengers might be on that voyage?

  4. EScott2U commented on La Cucaracha over 5 years ago

    The Titanic didn’t need Latinos. They had the Irish.

  5. EScott2U commented on The Boondocks over 5 years ago

    Let’s not forget how the politician exempted themselves from this law so that they could still make their robocalls at election time! #$%ers!

  6. EScott2U commented on The Boondocks almost 6 years ago

    So how does McGruder account for the millions and millions of white people who bought Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Chuck Berry, Diana Ross, James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, Brothers Johnson, Etta James, The O’Jays, Isaac Hayes, Billy Preston, etc.., etc.. records?


  7. EScott2U commented on La Cucaracha almost 6 years ago

    @ ronebofh - oh yeah, and ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MS-NBC are such paragons of truth and accuracy.

    Nothing like watching Chris Matthews debate two other guys who AGREE with him on everything.

    At least FOX allows opposing viewpoints.

  8. EScott2U commented on La Cucaracha almost 6 years ago

    Full agreement on your latter point - now as for WHY they don’t want to raise taxes, you’ll get different answers from each side of the aisle. Frankly, I doubt either side cares what they find though… Madoff was definitely the king of the baddies, that’s for sure.

  9. EScott2U commented on La Cucaracha almost 6 years ago

    The rich invest anyways - it’s unnatural to sit on cash. We’re in a rare perfect storm right now where the uncertainty about the future does have a lot of capital on the sidelines. I guarantee that when the tax deal is settled with the extension of the existing rates, you’ll see growth. When those rates are made PERMANENT, you’ll see even more.

    You want economic stimulation, kill the capital gains tax. I’m being killed right now because I’m being taxed on recovery of everything I lost in ‘08. I pull more money from my investments to pay that tax and I’m taxed on THAT. It’s a destructive reduction cycle that only ends when I’M BROKE.

    Any tax or regulatory policy that favors one American over another because of income, education, skin color, religion, WHATEVER, is fundamentally immoral. Treat us all the same. Tax us all the same regardless of our chosen endeavor. Equal Opportunity is the only thing that can be manipulated. You will NEVER achieve equal outcome. People are people and they will do what they will do. Punishing success is immoral.

  10. EScott2U commented on La Cucaracha almost 6 years ago

    Lowering taxes at the top bracket actually tends to increase revenues to the treasury so your argument falls apart right there. Clinton never actually had a surplus - it was a projected surplus over the next 10 years. I agree, the republican congresses under the Bush administration failed the fiscal conservative test, but the increased debt and deficits were just that - overspending. The revenues were still pouring in. Tax cuts to rich people would have surely stymied the flow of those revenues.

    Real Estate flipping was also only a marginal contributor to the subprime crisis - the crisis just invited the opportunist. If there wasn’t the sudden influx of unqualified buyers, the prices would have never been driven up disproportionately in the first place.