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  1. Doctor Toon commented on Alley Oop about 4 hours ago

    I read the comments here daily as a reminder

    I have managed to rid my life of the type of people who never seem to have anything positive to offer

    The comments here remind me of what I am not missing in my life

  2. Doctor Toon commented on Nest Heads 1 day ago

    There were ads on TV for cigarettes back then, the side effects from them include the need for some of those prescription drugs

  3. Doctor Toon commented on HUBRIS! 1 day ago

    I work with a guy who is nearly as creepy as Paste

    He told me he was seeing a girl, I told him peeping in windows doesn’t count

  4. Doctor Toon commented on Dog Eat Doug 1 day ago

    Our St Bernard would completely ignore the ball, but a french fry would absolutely get her attention

  5. Doctor Toon commented on The Buckets 1 day ago

    The power of the girlfriend

  6. Doctor Toon commented on Birdbrains 1 day ago

    I get hungry when I’m working, too

  7. Doctor Toon commented on Big Top 1 day ago

    I had a grandfather named Sigvard

  8. Doctor Toon commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    Oops record as Wizer is spotty

  9. Doctor Toon commented on Adam@Home 1 day ago

    There was a time that I was a terror for the all-you-can-eat places, and I still have the appetite and metabolism to eat like that

    My digestive system isn’t as friendly to me about that much food as it used to be

  10. Doctor Toon commented on Limbo Road 8 days ago

    My son is over 30, has my old comic book collection of over 4,000 and the more than 300 action figures we collected together

    He tells me when he used to watch the first Star Wars with his mother they could speak every line together

    I guess he turned out all right

    (His friends call his house Nerdvana)