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  1. quaffapint commented on FoxTrot 4 months ago

    The story of Keep Calm and Carry On…

  2. quaffapint commented on FoxTrot Classics 8 months ago

    We’ve had our kids make their lunches since later in Elementary school – I’m so glad we chose to do that. We just oversee now and then – to make sure they get some good stuff :). I think back to my mom making my lunches in high school and it just seems weird now.

  3. quaffapint commented on FoxTrot over 1 year ago

    Having to carry around a phone and pull it out every time you want to know what time it is for some odd reason just doesn’t seem as efficient as simply looking at your wrist :).

  4. quaffapint commented on For Better or For Worse over 1 year ago

    The fact that she did all the work and didn’t make him help is definitely fantasy land – unless things are that different up North :)

  5. quaffapint commented on Heathcliff over 1 year ago

    ala The Great Escape :-)

  6. quaffapint commented on FoxTrot Classics over 1 year ago

    @cubefarmer / @ajr58, while MS doesn’t offer Word for iFruit’s, they do for iMacs :-)

  7. quaffapint commented on B.C. almost 4 years ago

    Ho John was on Mash in some of the early episodes. (Yes, there was Trapper John too.)

  8. quaffapint commented on Non Sequitur over 4 years ago

    Ha, I’m with Richard on that one.

  9. quaffapint commented on Wizard of Id almost 5 years ago

    Somebody call alanis morissette to show her an example of ‘irony’…

  10. quaffapint commented on For Better or For Worse almost 5 years ago

    Wow - she even folds all their laundry - gone are those days…