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  1. bagbalm commented on Frazz 8 days ago

    Don’t worry. They’ll knock all that silly hope and imagination out of you.

  2. bagbalm commented on Dilbert Classics 9 days ago

    Draft? Who slipped that R in there?

  3. bagbalm commented on Stone Soup 12 days ago

    Not a discussion to be had over the phone.

  4. bagbalm commented on Luann 15 days ago

    Seen the type. Fifty years old – still lives with mother and usually drinks a lot by then.

  5. bagbalm commented on Doonesbury 18 days ago

    Stopped here after a few months… Still old strips. Has he officially said he retired?

  6. bagbalm commented on The Other Coast 21 days ago

    Seen that before huh?

  7. bagbalm commented on Arlo and Janis 23 days ago

    Women get ‘fixed up’ for other women. The few men who get all charged up for layers of dark makeup and flashy clothing can find that on a street corner flagging them down.

  8. bagbalm commented on Non Sequitur 28 days ago

    Bunk. The British Medical journal lancet published back in the early 50s that a high carbohydrate low fat diet was what kills you. The official government diet has one advantage. It is both cheap and high profit. Hard to beat that from their view.

  9. bagbalm commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Most people are missing the point that the strip made. It is the official government approved food pyramid that is a crap diet fit to kill you. We are eating a Kellogg/Keys approved diet that never have any basis but self promotion and political pull. Kellogg was a nuts case who solved the problem of masturbation, for which people of his era sent their children to insane asylums, by malnourishing them so badly his patients couldn’t function to masturbate. If it left them unable to function otherwise mentally or physically that was unfortunate but he’d cured the greater evil. Keys… well he is the K in K-rations. Tell you enough? His biggest contribution was the packaging.

  10. bagbalm commented on PreTeena about 1 month ago

    Be glad they didn’t move while you were gone.