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  1. wmconelly commented on Steve Kelley about 12 hours ago

    Ain’t gonna stop until the RepubliCons are stopped at the ballot box. It’s Money and Power they’re playing for not good governance, certainly not democratic principles.

  2. wmconelly commented on Scott Stantis about 22 hours ago

    Those are RepubliCons chasing Obama, Scott, you among them. ISIS ain’t beaten, not by a long shot, but it holds 40% less territory than it did two years ago. Doesn’t that ‘count’ among the Power and Money mad RepubliCon ‘herd’?

  3. wmconelly commented on Mike Lester about 23 hours ago

    Yer a one trick pony, Mister L, off in a sunken field with others of your herd, unencumbered by facts, statistics or judicial findings. What’s left to say? Vote out the RepubliCons.

  4. wmconelly commented on Nick Anderson about 23 hours ago

    If money and power are your only two interests, what’s it matter which direction your hot-air balloon is blowing, eh?
    Interested in education, art, democracy and actual traditional American values? Vote out the RepubliCons.

  5. wmconelly commented on Steve Breen 1 day ago

    Yeah. Please. Ailes Rush ‘News’ and all yer attendant parrots: Lemme know when you’ve got an INDICTMENT, not another re-re-recycled innuendo. Meantime, hows about you focus your ‘news’ gathering skills on Trump’s tax returns, eh? We’ve got 10 -15 YEARS of Hillary’s, not ONE year of his.
    Cut the programed spew and be JOURNALISTS for a change, would you, please?

  6. wmconelly commented on Steve Benson 1 day ago

    It ain’t just abortions at issue here; it’s women’s and their families’ health, through and through. Pro-life means wa-a-a-ay more than pro-birth in any and every circumstance. Just saying…

  7. wmconelly commented on Jerry Holbert 2 days ago

    Puh-leas, Holbert. If there’s no indictment, in fact if the House’s ‘discovery’ is NO WRONG DOING, wouldn’t it be wise to ‘toon about someone OTHER than Hillary?
    Trump has called for overturning ALL previous trade agreements negotiated by ALL previous Administrations. You don’t see a ’toon in that sort of dictatorial denial of democratic processes? Really? You gotta read more.

  8. wmconelly commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    Scalia was the 6th – the SIXTH – Catholic on the Supreme Court. There are still no protestants. What would Washington, Jefferson and Madison have thought of THAT, eh? Fair and balanced? Representative of ALL the people? It’s time for what goes around to come around. Vote out the RepubliCons.

  9. wmconelly commented on Lisa Benson 2 days ago

    Does Lisa read the news? No. Just publishes the same old Orange County tripe. She could have drawn this ‘toon four years ago. And it’s even more meaningless now.

  10. wmconelly commented on Nick Anderson 2 days ago

    Vote out the RepubliCons. And not JUST because they don’t believe in Constitutional democracy as laid out by our forebears. They literally can’t tell something important from something retrograde stupid. They’re drum beaters for anarchy because…. because their ‘friends’ are beating drums.