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  1. wmconelly commented on Henry Payne 5 days ago

    well said

  2. wmconelly commented on Gary Varvel 7 days ago

    Gary Varvel: Another RepubliCon ‘toonist who’ll vote for Hillary - and pretend he didn’t.

  3. wmconelly commented on Scott Stantis 7 days ago

    Get serious, Scotty. SS was 100% funded until Reagan and Bush started ‘borrowing’ from it. You can’t CAUSE a problem and then blame the resulting mess for causing it. Not in an actual working democracy.
    Of course RepubliCons don’t WANT an actual working democracy, do they? They want to live in Vladimir Trump’s la-la land, a place where one super dictator will solve ALL and EVERY problem with a wave of his – that would be HIS – local ‘police’ force.
    Move to Kansas, would you, Scotty? See how your alternative ‘system’ actually works.

  4. wmconelly commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    Ahhh, a charter member of the Ailes Rush ‘News’ Team realizes HE’s been ‘had’ and stands to be deported. Priceless. You gonna TELL anyone you’re voting for Hillary, Mike? Or just do it on the quiet?

  5. wmconelly commented on Matt Davies 7 days ago

    Hillary Democracy or Donald Fascism: decisions decisions.

  6. wmconelly commented on Ken Catalino 7 days ago

    Innit turnabout fair play in RepubliCon circles? Innit the game ALWAYS zero sum, black or white, win or lose? Why should the Cruz missile ‘forgive’ Trump’s accusations against his wife and father? Because he’s a RepubliCon too? Hello? You know how mafia vendettas work? You know how Putin style police states work? You’re voting for Trump, you better figure it out. Quick too.

  7. wmconelly commented on Gary Varvel 8 days ago

    Best thing I’ve seen Cruz do. Period. He called for people to vote their conscience, not their pay check, not their religion, not their tribal heritage: their conscience.
    You were leaning so hard to the right, you missed his point, Varvel. Makes a fella think you’re a fascist before you’re an American.

  8. wmconelly commented on Henry Payne 8 days ago

    Poor Henry: He KNOWS Trump is a Fascist but he CAN’T support Hillary in the same way that he CAN’T acknowledge that Obama has EVER done anything worthwhile. What’s his ‘strategy’ therefore? Support Pence.
    Hows about democracy, Henry? Hows about you support democracy?

  9. wmconelly commented on Jerry Holbert 8 days ago

    RepubliCons TRYING to become Republicans again and, as they must to continue living in a democracy, therefore preparing to vote for Hillary: can’t make this stuff up.

  10. wmconelly commented on Ken Catalino 8 days ago

    “Donald Trump is the miracle product that will fix everything that is wrong in your home. He is also your father figure (put your little hand in his), who will be your preacher, teacher (everything you had in mind). He’ll be your dream, your wish, your fantasy, your hope, your love, everything that you need. Truly, madly, deeply, he loves you.
    “He is the way, the truth and the life. None shall be saved except through him.
    “He will protect you. He will fix your aching bones and your bad hearing and when you walk home at night you will know that nothing can harm you, because Trump is there. You will get a good-paying job. The thing in the shadows that frightens you will melt away as if it were never real to begin with. (And perhaps it wasn’t.)
    “Praise Trump from whom all blessings flow. Believe him.”
    Alexandra Petri in The Washington Post (It’s been proven of course: Alexandra IS a woman.)