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  1. oscarfan commented on Dinosaur Comics 29 days ago

    T-Rex must have been a big fan of Mad Max: Fury Road.

  2. oscarfan commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix almost 2 years ago

    Good idea! http://www.gocomics.com/luann/2001/05/13

  3. oscarfan commented on Gil Thorp over 3 years ago

    Iraq has had a national basketball team since the 1940s. http://www.asia-basket.com/Iraq/basketball.asp

  4. oscarfan commented on Bloom County almost 4 years ago

    Goofus ‘n’ Rufus is not tremendously different from Mallard Fillmore or Prickly City.

  5. oscarfan commented on Freshly Squeezed almost 4 years ago

    Sally Forth had the right idea on how to write Christmas letters: http://cidutest.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/cantseeit.gif

  6. oscarfan commented on Bloom County almost 4 years ago

    Probably more true today than it was when originally published 30 years ago.

  7. oscarfan commented on Tom Toles about 4 years ago

    Speaking as a former DC resident, Metrorail is probably the most tourist-friendly system I’ve ever encountered, but when you live there and use it daily, its flaws become all too apparent. They have a long history of taking way longer than you’d think necessary to accomplish any sort of technical or mechanical upgrade or repairs, which is why you see Toles making fun of broken escalators so often.

  8. oscarfan commented on Buni about 4 years ago

    Good one!

  9. oscarfan commented on Tony Auth over 4 years ago

    But the Penn State fiasco just points out how ridiculous the BSA’s policy is. Jerry Sandusky is married and has six kids. No one would’ve even lifted an eyebrow if he’d signed up to be a Scout leader.

  10. oscarfan commented on Pearls Before Swine over 4 years ago

    Zits is distributed by King Features, which runs its own comics aggregation platform, Comics Kingdom. I read it via oregonlive.com along with a half-dozen other strips that don’t appear here.