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9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney

9 Chickweed Lane

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  1. dizzyspin commented on Flo and Friends over 2 years ago

    It could be worth the extra few dollars if they’ve managed to fed up a chicken on grass.

  2. dizzyspin commented on Betty over 2 years ago

    Bake a cake, then if you still don’t have an idea you’ll have cake.

  3. dizzyspin commented on On A Claire Day over 2 years ago

    I think her basic problem is her point of attack. There’s no point in striking up a flirtation on the line. Get him in the walk in fridge.

  4. dizzyspin commented on The Knight Life over 2 years ago

    (Posting from Ireland) We’ve got a 22c levy on plastic bags and it works fairly well you can buy a plastic bag or a more durable bag for about 1.50 or you can steal a cardboard box from the shop to hold your shopping in.

    You just don’t think about it until you travel outside the Republic and realise the shops are just giving you the bags. And it’s funny watching people come out of the supermarkets trying to juggle everything rather than pay an extra few pence.

  5. dizzyspin commented on The Buckets over 2 years ago

    Brewster’s Millions with Richard Pryor was the sixth movie version of a book written at the turn of the last century. There were four versions of The Front Page between 1931 and 1988.
    It’s not like Hollywood has suddenly gotten lazy.

    Is there any real difference between making Avengers Assemble and Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome?

  6. dizzyspin commented on The Norm Classics over 2 years ago

    Assuming Norm doesn’t wander off with a girl I do not see a problem.

  7. dizzyspin commented on The Buckets over 2 years ago

    Obviously this is not the same soup kitchen that features in Barney and Clyde

  8. dizzyspin commented on Eek! over 2 years ago

    Could be a reference to Mary Shelley. There’s been a campaign for years to get a reference to Frankenstein put on her gravestone but the church won’t allow it.

  9. dizzyspin commented on Betty over 2 years ago

    No but you can’t send code to it’s room until it’s ready to behave.

  10. dizzyspin commented on Maintaining almost 3 years ago

    The worst and best things about e-readers; you can’t be nosey about what other people are reading and you can try and plough through a classic without people thing you’re being pretentious.