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  1. MaxStarmanJones commented on Nancy about 16 hours ago

    Praying does worlds of good for the one doing it. Fritzi is definitely on the right track.

  2. MaxStarmanJones commented on Nancy 2 days ago

    Lend and Loan

  3. MaxStarmanJones commented on Mutt & Jeff 2 days ago

    Please, no one tell “The View” that this was here.

  4. MaxStarmanJones commented on Nancy 2 days ago

    “Loan” is a noun; “lend” is a verb. You “lend” someone a “loan.”

  5. MaxStarmanJones commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    No bullet hole in this hat. It just came off. It won’t make it into Tracy’s trophy case with all the other fedoras.

  6. MaxStarmanJones commented on Nancy Classics 4 days ago

    Do you have anything in a mauve?

  7. MaxStarmanJones commented on Arlo and Janis 7 days ago

    I have to say that I have always found it hypocritical that sports sites — all of them - predict games each week including the over/under, the odds, and the spread on the games, and then they are horrified to find that someone actually -- GAMBLED!

  8. MaxStarmanJones commented on F Minus 10 days ago

    Bless you, and may your tribe increase!

  9. MaxStarmanJones commented on Frazz 10 days ago

    All I can say is that it appears Jef is getting a little too impressed with himself. He seems to be in the process of developing a notable air of superiority that is ruining what has long been one of my three favorite comics on this site.

    I am hoping to see more of the "Frazz’ we all love so much return to this page. There is too much talent at stake to continue wasting it on effete snobbery like this.

  10. MaxStarmanJones commented on Frazz 11 days ago

    Actually, four. Back up to, I think, the preceding Sunday for number 1.

    And it seems to be a snobby put-down of a man who is doing the best he can at being a principal.

    Jef can do better than this. I would rather see him run old strips than put in “filler” when he is out of ideas.