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  1. MaxStarmanJones commented on Nancy about 11 hours ago

    I love the little subtle things: the elephant has a blue ribbon; the donkey has a red one, just the opposite of the colors currently assigned to the parties, though in the 80s and before the red and blue were assigned to those parties. The states Reagan won were blue; in 2012, the states Obama won were blue.

  2. MaxStarmanJones commented on Random Acts of Nancy 2 days ago

    Sir, you made my day. I loved seeing the other comics as well, some that I remember from when I was a kid, barely able to read.

  3. MaxStarmanJones commented on Alley Oop 2 days ago

    Good grief this is a long, go-nowhere arc. Even for these people.

  4. MaxStarmanJones commented on Arlo and Janis 2 days ago

    I’ve known a lot of meat-eaters; I’ve known several vegetarians. But I’ve never met even one vegetarian who didn’t have to talk about it all the time.

  5. MaxStarmanJones commented on Garfield Minus Garfield 3 days ago

    The whole premise is “Garfield without Garfield.” What good does it do to add “—and the last line?”

  6. MaxStarmanJones commented on Gasoline Alley 3 days ago

    I see the thought police are trolling today, trying to put a damper on an excellent strip.

  7. MaxStarmanJones commented on Gasoline Alley 4 days ago

    I’m hoping that they found a way to make a cure by boiling a parrot in coal oil.

  8. MaxStarmanJones commented on Peanuts 9 days ago

    This is what made the Peanuts comic “great” in an era of “good” comics.

  9. MaxStarmanJones commented on Calvin and Hobbes 13 days ago

    I lived in Ecuador for ten years. There, the students don’t pledge allegiance, but when they graduate from “escuela” (elementary) and “colegio” (high school), they are required to kiss the Ecuadorian flag.

    I think I prefer the pledge.

  10. MaxStarmanJones commented on Peanuts 15 days ago

    Wow! They had trash burners back then, and nobody died.