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  1. chassimmons commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Right. It would be horrible for the country, & I’m not just talking about the awful Donald, but also the R’s horrible economic platform — talk to an economist!.But for the media, it will be great for business. And a peach for cartoonists.

  2. chassimmons commented on Heart of the City about 1 month ago

    Yes, all kids should know not to hide in trunks, refrigerators, or any other closed space for which there isn’t a certain way out. .I hope Tatulli gets that point in during this thread. Mrs. Angelini usually serves this purpose. Those who write stuff that can be read by kids shouldn’t suggest dangerous practices without a mention of the danger.

  3. chassimmons commented on Heart of the City about 1 month ago

    “The old days.” Back during prohibition?

  4. chassimmons commented on Jane's World about 1 month ago

    I recommend caution on this. Some frog & toad toxins can be lethal. As a minimum, do a bit of research before you lick.

  5. chassimmons commented on Non Sequitur 2 months ago

    Hillary Clinton is a standard politician, not very different from Obama. So, why does Wiley uncritically echo the meme that she’s so unpopular?
    The actual reason for such “unpopularity” as she suffers is that the right wing has attacked her over and over. And the Republicans have investigated her over and over and over. (Finding nothing.) And they all have repeated “dishonest Hillary” over and over and over and over. And if you repeat a lie enough times, the ignorant (a large majority) will believe it.

  6. chassimmons commented on Doonesbury 3 months ago

    If we have political trouble here in the United States — and we do — it’s our job to deal with it, and not run. Fortunately, the Donald will almost certainly be defeated — H.L.Mencken notwithstanding, it IS possible to lose public office by underestimating the intelligence of the great public. But even with the all-too-conservative Hillary Clinton as president, there will be MUCH work for us to do if we want to save the world.

  7. chassimmons commented on Non Sequitur 3 months ago

    Who performed the ceremony? The concept didn’t quite exist in ancient Greece. Oh, there was a lot of ritual around weddings, but there wasn’t an equivalent to the priest or minister in Christian weddings (most denominations). In fact, priests in ancient Greece were not in positions of power or authority. Weddings were handled by the families of bride and groom.

  8. chassimmons commented on Non Sequitur 3 months ago

    The classic Lars from Mars story arc ran June 8-12, 2009. The dig at the RIght WingNuts on 2009-06-11 is about my favorite Nonsequitur:
    Jeff: “Lars has an amazing ability to reach a conclusion based on facts and empirical observations … it’s what martians call The Power of Reason.”
    Danae: “You mean there’s no talk radio or cable news shows on Mars?”

  9. chassimmons commented on Heart of the City 4 months ago

    Yes, Mom is trying to teach “a lesson” — how awful!
    How far will she go? Enough for a “story arc”, I would say. But, I don’t see how this can go on for anything like 18 strips, though, as the “turtle” arc did.

  10. chassimmons commented on Non Sequitur 4 months ago

    I remember a Rev. Will B. Dunn from the cartoon Kudzu. A rather sharp caricature of the Southern Baptist preacher. (The fellow who was the model for the character eventually became quite offended, and stopped speaking to the author.)