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  1. husky51 commented on PreTeena about 23 hours ago

    sigh… my method of convincing Miss Stuck-up to take Teena… Either she goes or you don’t…

  2. husky51 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Gay rights activist???

  3. husky51 commented on Endtown 3 days ago

    " I Fall to Pieces" (old song but appropriate) lol

  4. husky51 commented on PreTeena 5 days ago

    Worked for my kids… regardless of what others may think… They are welcome to their opinions… My kids, my rules…

  5. husky51 commented on Luann 5 days ago

    My daughter also kept her family name when she married…

  6. husky51 commented on PreTeena 6 days ago

    When my kids received spankings from me, after the deed was done, we sat and I asked them WHY they had gotten spanked… They knew, always!!! After all was done, I told them that at the moment Daddy didn’t like them very much, but that I would always love them and to always remember that… I have three great kids that have good jobs and my daughter is making it with her kids even while divorcing their dad, which the kids approve of…

  7. husky51 commented on PreTeena 6 days ago

    Maybe if she had gotten IT a few times in the past, she wouldn’t be such a….ahem… now….

  8. husky51 commented on Luann 6 days ago

    What about Luann and her friends that might be at the reception???? lol

  9. husky51 commented on PreTeena 7 days ago

    My 13 yo niece was staying with us for a period of time due to probs such as above with HER mother. After a month, mommy and her bf came to dinner and it was my niece’s nite to do the dishes. She back talked to my wife and I stepped in. She was yapping on and I told her to be quiet 3 times…each time she said ’NO! and each time she got a pop on the cheek with my fingertips. After the third time, she quieted down and I told her the error of her ways and to start doing the dishes, which she did. Said niece in now 40 and has two kids of her own and she tells me that that night turned her life around and that she loves me for it…

  10. husky51 commented on The Humble Stumble 7 days ago

    A very good idea… lol