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  1. Bobarion commented on Soup to Nutz about 18 hours ago

    Well said.

    Christianity is the most poorly taught subject on
    the planet. You laid out its essence just
    about perfectly. Evidently you actually read
    your Bible. Most Christians don’t but have
    opinions anyway. Thank you.

  2. Bobarion commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    Me too.

  3. Bobarion commented on Jim's Journal 1 day ago

    We are on the same schedule tonight.

  4. Bobarion commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    In Arizona I planted rocks in the yard. They grew slowly
    and never needed watering or mowing.

  5. Bobarion commented on Family Tree 1 day ago

    Lard plus ice cream flavoring makes a lovely skin cream which also lightens the purse.

  6. Bobarion commented on The Duplex 1 day ago

    Ten hours of beer and not moving. Either that couch is
    soaked or he has a really bad problem. Depends could
    not handle that load.

  7. Bobarion commented on The Dinette Set 1 day ago

    The kid will chicken out when he sees that look of panic
    in Burl’s eyes and realizes he is frozen with fear and unable
    to steer his little cart.

  8. Bobarion commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    221B Baker Street is a cobbled up bunch of crap some of
    which is actually from the Holmes era.

  9. Bobarion commented on Grand Avenue 1 day ago

    A white wing is the man in the white uniform
    who scoops up after the horse. In big cities
    they were kept very busy. To be a white
    wing in a one horse town did not provide
    that much to scoop up.

  10. Bobarion commented on Grand Avenue 1 day ago

    Old best job; to be a white wing in a one horse town.
    I doubt there are many who would remember that.