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  1. Bobarion commented on Pot-Shots about 9 hours ago

    Seriously, where if threestepsoverJapan? I really appreciated
    his or her comments.

  2. Bobarion commented on Ziggy about 9 hours ago

    There has to be a special place in heaven for the man who
    invented the mute button. I thank him silently every day.
    I record almost all the programs I watch just be able to
    get through the commercials. Used to be one commercial.
    Now it is fifteen or twenty in a row …. plenty of time to get
    to the bathroom and get rid of the same thing they are
    feeding us on the tube.

  3. Bobarion commented on Reality Check about 9 hours ago

    Yeah, all three being the wrong size for the
    immediate need.

  4. Bobarion commented on Pot-Shots about 11 hours ago

    Possibilities for what?

  5. Bobarion commented on Pot-Shots 1 day ago

    Nice to know we have something in common ….. I guess.

  6. Bobarion commented on Pot-Shots 3 days ago

    Cheer up everyone. Not normal will get worse in a big hurry now.

  7. Bobarion commented on Rip Haywire 4 days ago

    She could easily be Breezy’s mother too, which presents a
    problem if true.

    (I just noticed that I made a rhyme. I did not mean to do that.)

  8. Bobarion commented on Pot-Shots 4 days ago

    Unfortunately my life is very, very full with multiple lists
    of regrets.

  9. Bobarion commented on Pot-Shots 5 days ago

    Where is that truly wise person who always presented the
    best comments on this strip? Where is Three steps over Japan?

  10. Bobarion commented on Pot-Shots 6 days ago

    Druther not be doin too much a that thinkin stuff. Gets me
    dizzy and headaikey.