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  1. Mokurai commented on La Cucaracha en Español 13 days ago


  2. Mokurai commented on Tom Toles 15 days ago

    If we really want more than two parties to have a share in the national discussion, we should change to approval voting, where you can mark your ballot for all of those you agree with. That way, for example, Nader voters would not have been one of the many factors that sank Al Gore in Florida in 2000, while Nader’s true support would have shown in the poll numbers.

    As for Huckabee’s recurring bluff about taking the Christian Right out of the Republican Party, or Trump refusing to rule out a third-party bid,

    Popcorn, not booze! Let the party roll on!

  3. Mokurai commented on La Cucaracha 18 days ago

    Does that mean we are supposed to stop calling them the Clown Car?

  4. Mokurai commented on Mike Luckovich 18 days ago

    Before this announcement, I most recently saw Jimmy Carter on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Star Talk show talking about getting close to eradicating parasitic Guinea worms.

  5. Mokurai commented on Jeff Danziger 18 days ago

    Are you kidding? That’s just any Thursday in New York. Only the tourists would give him a second glance.

  6. Mokurai commented on La Cucaracha 19 days ago

    American nativist: Illegal immigrants, go back where you came from!

    Native American: I’ll help you pack.

  7. Mokurai commented on Tom Toles 20 days ago

    Yes, evolving implies surviving Natural Selection. Give that man a Darwin Award.

  8. Mokurai commented on La Cucaracha 21 days ago

    Well, I’m part Irish, and the Irish Celts came over from Spain, so…The thing is, we are all descended from Black Africans about 100,000 years ago. Call me when Steve King owns that one.

  9. Mokurai commented on La Cucaracha 23 days ago

    The Cuban Ambassador to the US is
    José Ramón Cabañas. The US Ambassador to Cuba is [over the entire GOP Senate delegation’s dead bodies]. The embassy is currently run by a Chargé d’affaires ad interim, Jeffrey DeLaurentis, and there is no current plan to appoint him or anybody else Ambassador. He is Ambassador in all but name now.

  10. Mokurai commented on Tom Toles 23 days ago

    According to the Washington Post’s unofficial whip count, the votes are there with fairly high probability in the Senate to sustain the President’s veto of Congressional disapproval. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/07/14/whip-count-where-the-senate-stands-on-the-iran-deal/