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  1. Mokurai commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    Sorry, @sueamarlucan, what actually happened was that the Canarsie tribe sold land actually belonging to a different tribe, the Weckquaesgeeks. This is the reverse of the more modern method promoted by Donald Trump, of buying the land from the owner, but getting somebody else to pay for it.

    I passed by the garden and marked with one eye
    How the Owl and the Panther were sharing a pie.
    The Panther got gravy, and pie crust, and meat.
    The Owl had the dish as his share of the treat.

    Lewis Carroll, ’Tis the Voice of the Lobster

  2. Mokurai commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    Sadly, @Pascopuddy, there are plenty of idiots who call themselves Christians who can’t see that, or don’t want to.

  3. Mokurai commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    Several religions, notably Buddhism and Daoism and Deism, do not depend on miracles, although the superstitious have made up many of them, even in such traditions. When gods appear in Buddhist scriptures, it is for the purpose of having the Buddha school them on their pride and other errors.

  4. Mokurai commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    The notion that grace is unavailable and not even discussed in religions other than Christianity is shameful bigotry and the sin of pride, requiring vast ignorance of all other scriptures and traditions.

    In general, one must do the works of love (compassion, empathy, unselfishness, etc.) in order to be ready for grace, enlightenment, salvation, unity with God or the Buddha Nature, or whatever else one might call it, and then one is able to do the works much better, and to continue improving. In very special cases, sinners such as slave ship captain John Newton (author of the hymn Amazing Grace)
    can get hit over the head with grace, and then have to spend the rest of their lives mending their behavior. It took him years to give up the slave trade, and many years more to become a leading figure in the campaign to end slavery in the British Empire.

    In real Christianity, faith without works is dead. (Epistle of James)

  5. Mokurai commented on Rose is Rose 5 days ago

    It’s called hyperfocus. It is one of the frequent benefits of what mundanes call Attention Deficit. ADHD does not mean that we can’t pay attention. It means that we can’t pay attention to boring nonsense. ADDers are also known to have above average creativity, and often empathy and compassion. It makes the ADD personality range really good for cartoon and adventure novel characters and such, from the wily Odysseus to Doctor Who. They get into lots of trouble, particularly when trying to help those in seemingly impossible situations, and then they find an unexpected way out.

  6. Mokurai commented on Non Sequitur 16 days ago

    I wonder why this strip reminded me immediately of the novel Zen There Was Murder, by H. R. F. Keating.

  7. Mokurai commented on Non Sequitur 21 days ago

    That’s not Zen. Zen is being what you are, where you are, eyes open, and recognizing everybody else as the same. Then you can get somewhere with the moral component, starting with “Cease from evil”. Too many people want to bring zen down to their level, just as too many people call sensory pleasures “heavenly”.

  8. Mokurai commented on Mike Luckovich 23 days ago

    No, showing empty podiums violates the candidates’ demands. Also showing moderator or audience reactions to notable howlers. I wonder what they can show.

  9. Mokurai commented on Mike Luckovich 23 days ago

    Why not? That way we get to see all of the jokes before the late-night comedians get to them. And to hear what they say, too.

  10. Mokurai commented on Jeff Danziger 23 days ago

    Republicans seem to be determined to repeat the history of the Federalists and the Whigs, the two previous parties of big business, and of Southern pro-slavery Democrats.

    After the blatantly unconstitutional Alien and Sedition Acts, and 15 years as the original Party of No to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, starting in 1800, the Federalists sank without trace, creating the Era of Good Feelings, of single-party rule by the Democratic-Republicans.

    The Whigs fractured and died over the Fugitive Slave Act in 1856. States Rights Democrats then fractured in 1860, clearing the field for the Abe Lincoln Republicans, and started the war that eventually gave the Abolitionists sufficient political power to end slavery. Those Democrats lasted for nearly a century as the party of segregation, but that era is long over, too.