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  1. Mokurai commented on Non Sequitur 2 months ago

    Fascinating. But most illogical, Captain.

  2. Mokurai commented on Rose is Rose 2 months ago

    Two people once read my horoscope out of the newspaper, and wasted the whole day trying to make it come true.

  3. Mokurai commented on Mike Luckovich 5 months ago


    “The NRA had about as much to do with the Dallas shooting as AARP does with old people dying, or with highway accidents as AAA does.”

    AARP promotes medical research, and the AAA aggressively promotes automobile safety. The NRA funds prohibitions on research into gun safety at NIH and CDC.

  4. Mokurai commented on La Cucaracha 6 months ago

    And yet Clinton is leading Trump in most polls in Arizona, and has done so all year.


    Permanent resident Latinos have been applying for citizenship at rates about 50% higher for the last year across the country. When asked, most say that it is specifically so that they can vote against Trump.



  5. Mokurai commented on Lalo Alcaraz 6 months ago

    Actually, the center circle is supposed to say “Love”. We can’t shoot out hate.

  6. Mokurai commented on Tom Toles 6 months ago

    According to the Creationists at Answers in Genesis, there was only one ice age, and it was after the Flood. I haven’t seen their explanation for the fact that nobody recorded it, since it was well within the time of writing and all that. They do have pretended explanations for the ice core dates all being wrong.

  7. Mokurai commented on Calvin and Hobbes 6 months ago

    Analytic and Algebraic Topology of Locally Euclidean Metrization of Infinitely Differentiable Riemann Manifolds

    Bozhe moi! This, I know from nothing!

    Tom Lehrer, Lobachevsky

    But I do, along with several thousand other people.

  8. Mokurai commented on Tom Toles 7 months ago

    Those must be the same doctors that refuse to take Medicare and Medicaid patients because those programs rein in medical costs.

  9. Mokurai commented on Tom Toles 8 months ago

    The Captain, the Mutineer, and the Odd-Man-Out walked into a bar to prepare for their adventure in the tub, and the bartender said, “What is this? Some kind of joke?!”

    And it was. But what kind, I couldn’t possibly say.

    See also To Say Nothing of the Dog, by Connie Willis.

  10. Mokurai commented on Non Sequitur 9 months ago

    If we all pull together, we can destroy the other side.


    If we all pull together, we can help everybody, including the other side.