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  1. Mokurai commented on Lalo Alcaraz 7 days ago

    It gives a whole new meaning to

    ¡Cuba sí! ¡Yanqui no!

  2. Mokurai commented on La Cucaracha en Español 20 days ago

    524 años, por favor.

  3. Mokurai commented on Jeff Danziger about 1 month ago

    Sending them to bed without supper is not a problem. They only brought snacks and “Lite” beer for subsistence during their carefully planned years and years of standing up to The Man who is busily ignoring them.

    The local sheriff told them to go home. The local population told them to go home. Even the two arsonists they are supposedly defending told them to go home, and turned themselves in to the Feds rather than be defended by such as these.

  4. Mokurai commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    There are 320 bird species that use the refuge for some part of the year. The first on their official list is the Common Loon, which is regularly there in winter and spring.

    So this is nothing out of the ordinary.

  5. Mokurai commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Fine. Grumpy Christmas to you.

    Angry, hateful Christians——bah!


  6. Mokurai commented on Tom Toles 2 months ago

    It’s a good thing that utility companies and technologists and investors dealing in real money don’t have to pay much attention to the Denialists. Goldman Sachs says that we passed Peak Coal in 2013, and we can see how new technologies such as improved batteries will get us to Peak Oil (electric cars) and Peak Gas (batteries for load balancing and time shifting to get rid of peaker natural gas plants). From there, that is, from Peak Carbon on, it’s all downhill, at a profit.

    The markets that the Right professes to love and revere so much have spoken.

  7. Mokurai commented on Mike Luckovich 2 months ago


    Palpatine: Let the hate flow through you.

    See also the parody movie, Sith Apprentice.

  8. Mokurai commented on Rose is Rose 2 months ago

    Hark, the herald angels sing,
    Advertising wondrous things…

    God rest ye merry, merchants,
    May ye make the Yuletide pay…

    Angels we have heard on high,
    Tell us to go out and BUY.

    Tom Lehrer

    The real gift is yourself. All of you, to everybody, all year long.

  9. Mokurai commented on Tom Toles 2 months ago

    It’s a good thing utilities ignore politics when real money is at stake, and buy up all of the renewable power that comes on the market, all at prices below coal now. There are supposed to be 1,400 coal-fired plants on the drawing board worldwide, but few of them will ever be built. According to Goldman Sachs we passed Peak Coal in 2013, and it’s all downhill from the peak.

  10. Mokurai commented on Jeff Danziger 2 months ago

    Yes, by all means, let’s turn all of the oceans to Kool-Aid.

    Yes, every major prediction about AGW has been wrong. The reality is always worse.

    While the nature of gravity is not fully settled by General Relativity, it is unquestionable that the streets of Norfolk VA have been underwater at maximum high tide for years now, because the ocean is warming, and thus expanding, and is thus higher than it used to be.

    Among other observable facts.