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Working Daze

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  1. sammysock commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 10 days ago

    Boling: your strips are getting very boring. Why not just insert pro Hillary ads and save the effort?

  2. sammysock commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 17 days ago

    yes, Trump is a jerk, but Hilary is a serial liar who left our people to die in Lybia, helped Bill murder a few and rape a bunch. Nothing compared to the disaster our country will be in when she continues Obama’s 8 years.Public debt raised from 8 trillion to 20 TRILLION, inflation on the things that count more than doubled, seniors robbed of retirement income as savings interest rates at 1 percent or less. How’s the cost of your health insurance?

  3. sammysock commented on Clear Blue Water 5 months ago

    “fiery pits of conservative hell?”
    Just because they won’t allow homosexual scout masters to
    spend camping trips, etc with young boys?
    I’d call it common sense.

  4. sammysock commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 6 months ago

    it gets pretty tiresome seeing you liberals defending the murder of innocent babies while you protest the execution of hideous murderers.
    I guess to be a liberal one must be so ready to defend your agendas that logic and reason and truth don’t matter.

  5. sammysock commented on Doonesbury 7 months ago

    When you worshipers of the Climate change/global warming religion give up your cars and disconnect your electric and central heating/air-conditioning – then I will take you seriously.

  6. sammysock commented on Working Daze 10 months ago

    You obviously know nothing about capitalism.
    To paraphrase W. Churchill: Under capitalism people are rewarded unequaly according to their effort. Under socialism all people suffer equaly.

  7. sammysock commented on Glenn McCoy over 2 years ago

    Reading the large number of negative comments makes one wonder what ever happened to true liberals: those open to ALL ideas and tolerant of others beliefs. Today liberals seem to thrive on hatred of anyone and anything that disagrees with their view of things.

  8. sammysock commented on Mutt & Jeff about 3 years ago

    Actually, black smithing is still common. Think of all the horses used for pleasure as well as racing, performing, etc. Locally, we have a blacksmith who travels to where the horses are and works from a truck.

  9. sammysock commented on Mutt & Jeff about 3 years ago

    A zombie appocalipse would be preferable to president Hillary, although she could not possibly be worse than Obama!

  10. sammysock commented on Mutt & Jeff about 3 years ago

    @susan newman: P L E A S E: that urban legend is 80 years old and total BS. Auto makers fight to get better gas mileage so they can outdo the competition.
    Hybrids are only made to meet the extremely limited demand. And how does the electric get generated without using energy?
    Just like ethanol in fuel- takes more energy to produce than it delivers plus it lowers auto milage and ruins engines.