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  1. MartyK commented on Working Daze over 3 years ago

    Good Job, Scott and John. Well played.

  2. MartyK commented on Barkeater Lake almost 4 years ago

    Still my favorite!!

  3. MartyK commented on The Elderberries almost 5 years ago

    An open letter to Corey Pandolph. Sir, I had the pleasure of stumbling across your work during the first run of Barkeater Lake. I recognized so many familiar elements in that strip, it really spoke to me. For example, I have been in many places in the Adirondacks where a dog will go from table to table, albeit not an anthropomorphic dog, but I could see where you got the inspiration for Banks. … Soon, I was making daily visits to barkeaterlake.com and eventually fakerockstar.com for everything Pandolph. Many times I wished I could have given large sums in the "tip jar " on bl’s webpage to show my appreciation for what was obviously a labor of love. I said all that to say this. The comics world is a little smaller to me as you end your strip work. Your work will join other past favorites like "The Far Side ", "Bloom County ", "Calvin and Hobbs ", "Liberty Meadows " and “The Humble Stumble” as some of the very best that the comic strip media has to offer. Thanks for making me laugh and good luck in your future endeavors, Corey!

  4. MartyK commented on The Elderberries almost 5 years ago

    That would be a resurrection, for sure