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  1. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    Looks like Tunk doesn’t think Guz’ finger is dumb

  2. LoboGrande commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    Reminds me of when that last of us moved out of our communal home in Boulder, Colorado … the last one out was 37 when he left … and moved in with his sister near Chicago

  3. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    I thought they were already home?

    If you will recall, Oop just left Guz at the border … so I would assume that they are NEAR the border

  4. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    Sherpa isn’t for fan fic.

    Sorry! I didn’t realize that you are so seriously committed to NOT create original work … I’m sure there MUST be “ideal conditions” for “fan fic” somewhere … just a wild guess but FanFiction.Net sounds like it just MIGHT be a possibility

  5. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    there are “jiggle” lines everywhere but where they Should be!

    That’s because they are NOT “jiggle lines” … they are “motion lines” and they are exactly where they should be to indicate that she’s leaving again

  6. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    May “Nighty” one day produce an original work for pay.

    I would like to see that happen … but he resists taking the FIRST STEP … which is to “produce an original work” … copying someone else’s characters is NOT “original work” … MANY others have encouraged him to do so but he takes it as though those people are attacking him in some way … he doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend that we are trying to HELP HIM by encouraging him to STOP wasting his time

  7. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    The “message” that the syndicate is getting is the NUMBER of people coming to view Alley Oop … and the MORE times you come to THIS site, the MORE “views” Alley Oop is getting … it called “voting with one’s feet” … those that LIKE something tend to go TO it … those that DON’T like something, DON’T go there … the OBJECTIVE of the Alley Oop comic strip IN the GoComics.com website is to generate traffic, which the advertisers PAY THEM for generating … so. EVERY SINGLE TIME you come here, you are “VOTING FOR” the Benders and even HELPING THEM to generate MORE INCOME … and more income is MORE JOB SECURITY … no matter WHAT you say, be it a complaint or a complement, being HERE is a VOTE in favor of THEM KEEPING THEIR JOBSLOL … so, thank you for your support, my friend … It’s appreciated

  8. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    Tropes being capitalized failed to affect you?

    Of course it “affected” me … I recognize that you capitalized the word “Trope” as ANYONE would capitalize a “title” … as YOU clearly stated it was the “title” of a “SEGMENT”, which you called “the Tropes segment of their vast listings”, NEVER providing a single clue as to WHO’S “vast listings” other than it was “their vast listing”

    A “segment” is, by definition, “1.each of the parts into which something is or may be divided” … so, what YOU SAID was that “Trope” was a part of something else, with the “something else” defined ONLY as “their”, with no further clue as to what “their” is supposed to mean

    Sorry if it seems as if I’m trying to be difficult … but you have to admit … the way you stated that is a clear as mud … with all due respect intended

  9. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    So, in the first panel, Ooola is kind of apologizing. In the second panel Oop is admitting he may have deserved her ire. Then in the third panel Ooola seems irritated again. Can anyone explain why?

    Simple … Ooola is a woman … we shouldn’t be surprised when a woman behaves like a woman any more than we should be surprised at Oop behaving like a man by NOT understanding her

  10. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    Fanfic is recognized and used in the Tropes segment of their vast listings.

    Excuse me but often the way you word things makes it quite difficult to follow your meaning … This statement SEEMS to be saying that you are referring to a “Tropes segment” of some mysterious un-named entity, referred to ONLY as “their”