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  1. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop about 12 hours ago

    Lana is NOT “holding her head” … Lana is NOT even seen in the strip, today … in panel #2, Ooola is holding her wig in her hands

  2. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    OK, King Troll (since that’s apparently how you request to be addressed) … FYI, Wootie “picks on” the Benders EVERY SINGLE DAY

  3. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    Twice as much work for doing half the work they do now would put them balanced and the normal amount.

    LOL Say WHAT?

  4. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    Don’t care … doesn’t matter … they are newspapers … any one CAN carry ANY comic strip they want … and they can change any time they want, too

  5. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    Well, since that has NEVER worked before, what makes you think it would work NOW????

  6. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    of course that still leaves the problem of the majority of subscribers are being cheated out of the story that the minority are getting … anyway you are wasting your time … NOT going to happen … LOL

  7. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    I would imagine that IF you expect the creators of the strip to do twice as much work, then they should be paid twice as much … so, are YOU willing to PAY the difference, billdi? … shouldn’t be too much … $5 – $10 million per year might cover it … I’m sure you have a few million that you don’t need

  8. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    If he shoots I’ll cheer !

    I think he’s smarter than THAT

  9. LoboGrande commented on Alley Oop 2 days ago

    The first paper route I had (when I was 14) consisted of 30-35 Daily subscribers and 80-90 Sunday subscribers … later when I was in college I had a campus paper route which consisted of 90-100 Daily subscribers and 250-280 Sunday subscribers … latest data, the Chicago Tribune has 448,930 daily and 853,324 Sunday … the Denver Post has 416,676 Daily and 626,875 Sunday … the Rocky Mountain News has 255,427 Daily and 704,806 Sunday … the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal has 217,755 Daily and 384,539 Sunday … Los Angeles Times has 653,868 Daily and 954,010 Sunday … the Baltimore Sun has 177,054 Daily and 309,061 Sunday … the Philadelphia Inquirer has 306,831 Daily and 477,313 Sunday … the Detroit Free Press has 234,579 Daily and 639,350 Sunday … the Minneapolis StarTribune has 300,495 Daily and 582,956 Sunday … the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has 137,380 Daily and 223,826 Sunday … the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has 173,160 Daily and 317,439 Sunday … The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) has 311,605 daily and 458,838 Sunday … the Columbus Dispatch has 137,148 Daily and 257,479 Sunday … the Atlanta Constitution has 231,094 Daily and 644,287 Sunday … the Houston Cronicle has 360,251 daily and 1,042,389 Sunday … notice a pattern? … LOL

  10. LoboGrande commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago

    It was all worth it!!!!!