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  1. Thomas Baxter GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall over 1 year ago

    Iraqis had nothing to do with 9/11.

  2. Thomas Baxter GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin about 4 years ago

    Let us hope none in the Freedom Flotilla Countermine operation in the Persian Gulf today protecting peace, freedom, democracy and tranquility in Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, UAE, Israel and Kuwait don’t open up on a Iranian ship, ala, the 1st Gulf of Ton-kin Incident nor on each other in the 2d. If so, the only solution to prevent Iran from developing the capability to create the capacity to built a nuclear weapon is to turn Bushehr into a Fukushima and a massive nuclear strike turning their Gulf coast into a glass covered wasteland along more nukes to do the same with their industrial and military infrastructure. Iran’s aggression must be stopped and another ‘Operation Cast Lead’ or "Operation Iraq Liberation’ is not going to do the trick.

  3. Thomas Baxter GoComics Pro Member commented on ViewsMidEast over 4 years ago

    As long as the victims of Iran’s aggression are able to continue assassinations, sabotage, overflights and peaceful economic warfare, there’s no need for Operation Iran Liberation to follow Operation Iraq Liberation. Iran is an existential threat to world peace as Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Somalia and Afghanistan deserves to be brought the same peace, stability, justice, democracy and freedom, US policy has brought them. Iran as part of Erez Israel must be made safe for settlements.

  4. Thomas Baxter GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall over 7 years ago

    When Farah died and went to heaven, god granted her one wish. She wished to protect the children. So MJ was killed.