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  1. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Jack Ohman over 2 years ago

    Yet it still remains a mystery to me: "Senate and “Intelligence Committee” seems to be a contradiction of terms…

  2. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Nick Anderson about 3 years ago

    You guys are all straining so hard to put lipstick on this pig you’re going to give yourselves hernias. Jon Stewart and his late night cohorts have already beaten it senseless and they are hardly conservative. Obama tried hard for single payer, failed and so he set up ACA as a vehicle to ultimately accomplish that.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous that we don’t already have health care, as far back as Nixon they tried to start a national plan and (shock and surprise) Teddy Kennedy killed the plan. With the absurd amount of money we spend on the military we should have Cadillac health care for everyone.

  3. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 3 years ago

    “Lisa has no clue what she’s talking about. California has gotten rid of hyperpartisan Republicans using a new election system, and suddenly the government is functioning well for the first time in 30 years.”

    Quite a partisan rant AR. A new election system? California has always been very liberal and they finally have a democratic super majority frantically working at new and innovative ways to bankrupt the state. The unemployment rate is higher than the national average, businesses are still leaving for less regulated and less taxed states, plus we now have the highest income tax rates in the country. Our secondary schools rate poorly yet we shovel billions into education. Cities are bankrupting at an increasing rate, primarily due to unfunded pension liabilities. I could go on but what’s the point. I live here, see it in action daily, and have to constantly listen to the great new ideas like the billions the governor spends on trains to nowhere and other notorious projects. Anyway, there is a link attached that details the situation pretty objectively.


  4. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Ken Catalino about 3 years ago

    I was at my doctors earlier and asked them how the ACA implementation was going. Their biggest concern? They didn’t have the answers to peoples questions because the data flow through to the practitioners is still woefully inadequate. Maybe by next year they will have enough data to get the program running…

  5. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Paul Szep about 3 years ago

    As usual after a “shooting incident,” there is a flurry of people screaming for tighter gun control. I live in California and we have almost the most restrictive laws in the country. All the registration, assault weapons ban etc have been in effect here for years. Still, there were a flurry of bills proposed after Sandy Hook and many of us who are active shooters dreaded the results. To say the furor on both sides was intense is a complete understatement.

    The fight went right to Governor Brown’s desk a few days ago. To my shock and surprise, our beloved Governor Moonbeam vetoed most of what we considered the most onerous and his explanation was even more surprising (coming from our extremely liberal state government): he did not see where these new bills would realistically improve the crime or violence in California. He did pass a “groundbreaking law” banning lead ammunition for hunting that is the first in the U.S. (we are the trendsetters). These were hard fought on both sides and yet show that compromise can come when people give each other a fair chance. Now if we could just talk a little more about this “train to nowhere….”

  6. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Rob Rogers about 3 years ago

    Ted Cruz is a perfect example of how a grass roots campaign (the Tea Parties budget reduction) can be totally distorted by politics. Add to that the failure of the Republican party to offer tangible alternatives to democratic programs for fear of losing elections. John Boehner needs to get the message that this is the 21st century, people evolve and maintaining the status quo doesn’t work in today’s culture.

  7. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne about 3 years ago

    I knew there had to be a positive side to the “shutdown.” How I would love to see the regulatory agencies shrink… I was talking to another friend that is a retired accountant and we were discussing a program to audit these various agencies and programs for duplicity, waste, fraud etc. I won’t bore you with the technical details but we figured we could conduct a 24 month intensive audit and the savings to be had would likely balance our budget.

    The assumption I make is from studies done by various committees of congress, the CBO,the agencies themselves, almost always finding literally billions of dollars that could be saved. Why hasn’t this been implemented? Thank you local house representative or senator, lobbyists and special interest groups who scream bloody murder when someone tries to suggest budget cuts that would affect their constituents.

    The Respectful Troll and I have discussed this on numerous occasions, posted on these boards accordingly, and come up with the same conclusion: as long as our elected representatives are only focused on their own benefit we will suffer. In our nations history we have almost always been able to negotiate and compromise for the best interests of our people.

    Enough on my soap box. I am going to change the language on my emails & phone calls to my representatives: sit down together, negotiate and compromise.

    Thanks for letting me share and have a nice weekend.

  8. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Luckovich about 3 years ago

    Hmmmm. “Harleyqueen?” Would you say that to his face? I doubt it. You call people terrorists and cowards because they disagree with you. Of course you can do this behind the safety and security of an anonymous login. How brave of you. Following the many responses to the tenor of your posts, it’s obvious your poisonous rants are really not appreciated by either side of this debate.

    I suppose its pointless to waste time suggesting alternatives to you, but here’s a poster that’s a direct opposite to you in the manner in which he writes, the logic of his content and the civility he employs in the discussion: read the posts of the Respectful Troll. People on all sides of the political spectrum respect his opinion and even when they disagree they respond civilly and usually strive to respond logically, not emotionally. I believe the operative word is CIVIL. It’s a good example that in this contentious environment people can strive for balance and compromise while maintaining a respectful tone.

  9. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Rob Rogers about 3 years ago

    In another one of my classroom discussions over the current situation in Washington, healthcare, the lack of credibility of our politicians (at all levels), many interesting points were made.
    My favorite “the republicans shoot themselves in the foot every time because they haven’t offered intelligent alternatives to the democrats healthcare package. They just want to maintain the status-quo.” Bingo!
    John Boehner, listen to the next generation that will soon be running things…

  10. mickey1339 GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne about 3 years ago

    Unfortunately the cartoon is very accurate (at least as far as California is concerned). A number of the younger people I teach and in my family have asked me to research the program. At the part of the website where you can compare plans and sign up, it crashes. Been that way for 2 days. Glitch? It doesn’t do a lot to instill faith in the program. Obama sounded ridiculous comparing this to an Apple roll out of OS7.